Drupa 2024 Preview: Isra Vision – Kodak

Drupa 2024 is back after eight long years and will be held in Dusseldorf, Germany, from May 28 to June 7. In this special series, PrintWeek highlights the top exhibitors to watch out for at the show.

26 May 2024 | By PrintWeek Team

Koenig & Bauer will showcase an end-to-end packaging workflow

Isra Vision (Hall 10/A28)
Isra Vision will bring its comprehensive range of inline inspection solutions for the printing and packaging industry at Drupa 2024 under the slogan “Empowering Vision Excellence for Print Inspection”. The company will present numerous new developments at the show, including a new version of PrintStar Evo, enhanced camera technology, a modern graphical user interface, and a new function for ViewStar. Isra Vision’s solutions can help boost process efficiency and product quality, increase yields, and reduce production costs and environmental footprint. Visitors can also learn more about new developments for inspecting printed metal sheets and novel solutions for digital print inspection.

Intec (Hall 8B/A41-1)
Intec’s new B3-plus digital die-cutter, the ColorCut FB580, is a powerful machine that has all the features of bigger cutters. It can cut and crease in a single operation, allowing users to produce prototypes and light production runs easily. The device is highly specified and can cut a wide range of materials, from rice paper and synthetics to folding box boards, labels, and types of vinyl.

The ColorCut FB580 has a maximum substrate area of 440x580mm, and the operator can adjust its three-speed forces to accommodate intricate cutting or cutting straight lines fast. The software features QR codes, page marks, and a reverse side-cutting feature that reads the sheet edges. The device has a “no wires” option for repeat jobs that can be loaded via a USB stick.

INX International Ink (Hall 3/E83)
INX International Ink is preparing for the return of the world’s leading tradeshow for print technologies and graphic communication. INX will present a broad range of inks, coatings, and colour management solutions in Hall 3, Booth E83. This may include improving functional barriers to enable the use of mono-material structures; the use of colour-fast washable inks such as the GenesisO GS washable inks that are easily removed in the recycling process; sustainably sourced natural-based inks; and inks and coatings that are designed to be highly robust for multiple re-use and returnable applications.
IST Metz (Hall 1/A24, A24-1)
IST Metz, a leading manufacturer of UV curing systems, will showcase its latest technologies at Drupa 2024. The exhibition will feature a range of UV products, including the Heidelberg Speedmaster CX104-6+LX3 and the HotSwap product concept. Visitors can expect to see UV lamps, UV-LED systems, thermal drying solutions, and excimer systems in action. IST Metz will also showcase its UV Analyzer measuring device and present its expertise in the next generation of UV curing.
Kama (Hall 1/B51)
The manufacturer will show live demos of modern finishing and efficient folding carton production using the ProCut 76 Foil and the FlexFold 52i. With these two solutions, Kama offers a complete workflow — from die-cutting and conventional embellishment to fully automated box-making with Braille and full inspection.

Kama will also introduce its concept for a fully automated workflow at the world’s leading trade fair. This includes an automatic system for changing tooling at the die cutter and a robotised transport to the FlexFold 52i folder gluer.

Kama’s Drupa announcement highlights the new Kama Hammerhead 76/106, a digital embellishment solution designed to integrate into existing workflows. According to the company, this new tool for digital spot varnishing with digital foil applications is set to redefine the industry’s standards.

KAS Paper Systems (Hall 6/E11)
KAS Paper Systems, a UK-based mailing machine manufacturer, will showcase its latest products at Drupa. The company will demonstrate its CardMailer card-attaching system and Mailmaster range of enveloping systems. The CardMailer machine is a flexible and modular system that matches and attaches plastic or paper-based cards to letters or other documents. The company will also showcase its latest envelope inserter, the Mailmaster Ascent, which can insert up to 8,000 envelopes per hour, and its Mailmaster 465 envelope inserter, which can enclose up to 6,000 envelopes per hour. The KASFold 640 large-format booklet maker and trimmer will also be on display.

Kongsberg (Hall 8A/B43)
The Kongsberg Ultimate will be shown on its stand, highlighting its high acceleration, top speed, user-friendly interface, and other features. With its new drive technology, the Kongsberg Ultimate offers an acceleration rate of up to 2.74G-force and a cutting speed of 168 metres per minute.

The Kongsberg C68 Exact offers precision and is designed for industries requiring high accuracy. The machine can precisely cut paper, plastics, and flexible materials with a 3,210 x 6,400mm surface.

Kongsberg will also have Multicam CNC routers and Kongsberg C tables to demonstrate their portfolio. Live demonstrations are planned with software partners to showcase various workflow applications.

Must See: Koenig & Bauer (Hall 16/A31-1, A31-5, Hall 3/B31)
Koenig & Bauer (K&B) has announced that it will focus on the packaging market and digital solutions at Drupa. The company’s Exceeding Print strategy consists of three pillars: sustainability, digitalisation, and modularity. These three pillars will define a common theme for all the presentations and offer visitors insights into the possibilities for improving print production efficiency.

The company will showcase an end-to-end packaging workflow from pre-press to printing, die-cutting, and gluing of folding cartons. All the machines and presses on display at Drupa, such as the Rapida 106 X, the VariJET 106, the CutPRO X 106 rotary die-cutter, the CutPRO Q 106 SB flat-bed die-cutter, and the Omega Alius 90 folder-gluer, incorporate the latest features that boost performance by at least 20% compared to predecessor generations. K&B says these machines set new benchmarks for folding carton production.

Kurz (Hall 3/E71)
Kurz’s initiatives include the Wow Silverline foil, digital metal, the Beast — which combines digital printing with a coating and metal-transfer process to create metallised surfaces, the cost-effective Ecofin foil, a new software called Dream Composer for designing embellishment mock-ups, a device to print security features called Single Image Offset, and Kurz’s sustainability initiatives like reducing plastic usage and recycling waste. Kurz will also be represented at Drupa at the Packaging, Sustainability and Textile Touchpoints to pass on its concentrated expert knowledge to customers and interested parties.

Kyocera (Hall 8A / C20)
Kyocera Document Solutions Europe is set to unveil its newest inkjet commercial printers at Drupa. The Taskalfa Pro 55000c and the Taskalfa Pro 15000c will be on display.
The Taskalfa Pro 55000c was introduced to the US market in 2023, while the Taskalfa Pro 15000c is returning at Drupa. The Kyocera team aims to showcase the power of inkjet technology and these devices’ small footprint.

The Taskalfa Pro 55000c, an inkjet technology, boasts energy efficiency and minimal maintenance, making it an ideal choice for the graphic arts space. Its media versatility opens a world of creative possibilities, enhancing productivity and unleashing your artistic potential. As Kyocera’s inkjet portfolio expands, these two machines, particularly the Taskalfa Pro 55000c, take centre stage at Drupa 2024, promising to captivate and inspire.

Must See: Komori (Hall 14/D60)
The new 29-inch sheetfed UV inkjet digital press is the latest addition to the company’s digital portfolio which already consists of Impremia IS29s, a 29-inch sheetfed UV inkjet digital printing system and Impremia NS40, a 40-inch sheetfed nanographic printing system.

This newly engineered Komori J-throne 29 can operate at a print speed of 6,000-sph in single-sided printing mode, marking the fastest speed produced by a B2+ inkjet press. In double-sided printing, it can deliver 3,000-sph using the high-precision perfecting mechanism based on Komori’s 100-year journey of expertise in offset press technology.

Komori J-throne 29’s imaging technology incorporates Komori’s proprietary image-forming technology. In addition, this newly engineered digital press, using Komori’s newly developed UV inks with LED curing, has additional printing capability on a broad range of substrates, such as coated and uncoated papers and paperboards without pre-treating, making it a suitable digital press for commercial, packaging, and speciality printing markets.


Must See: Konica Minolta (Hall 8B/A40-1, A40-6)
At Drupa, Konica Minolta will showcase AI-driven automated production lines, a webshop, the never-before-seen use of robotics and software solutions, and major advances in remote service engineering. The company has announced details of its AccurioJet 60000 inkjet press, which offers both-side printing capabilities at speeds of up to 6,000 sheets per hour.

Konica Minolta and its partner, MGI Digital Printing Systems, will show how separate processes such as foiling, varnishing, printing, folding, and drying can be combined into just one fully integrated production run where MGI’s AlphaJet will be centre stage and show the benefits of a complete single-pass factory.

Various products will be showcased for the first time, including the Konica Minolta AccurioPress C84hc. This printer uses high-chroma toner, which produces consistently bright and vivid colours. It is the only platform in the world that uses this new toner, free of the restrictions imposed by the colour gamut of ordinary toners. Other new products include the Cobot-robotics arm, new options for the MGI JetVarnish 3DWeb 400, such as a JetSeal and inline die-cutter, and an updated version of the AccurioPro Colour Manager suite of software solutions.


Must See: Kodak (Hall 5/A02-1, A02-2)At Drupa 2024, Kodak will showcase groundbreaking continuous inkjet technology and solutions for traditional print, all designed to help printers maximise their profitability as the industry evolves. The Kodak Prosper Ultra 520 press will showcase its ability to match offset quality and handle high-ink coverage applications on glossy papers with remarkable productivity. Attendees will also be impressed with the Magnus Q800 Platesetter, an eight-page CTP plate setter, imaging up to 84 plates per hour. The Sonora Xtra process-free plates with their faster imaging, exceptional clarity, and durability making them suitable for extra-long runs are expected to be a hit. Additionally, Kodak’s Prinergy platform, the first scalable, end-to-end software platform in the print industry, will be showcased, along with Prinergy Access and Business Solutions, a suite of tools designed to connect, share, and automate processes across organisations with MIS/ERP, eCommerce, and collaboration tools.