Bright Digital - A digital bright spot in Delhi

Sukesh Bhatia of Bright Digital Printer took a huge step when he purchased a HP Indigo 10000, four years after his first HP Indigo, a 5500. Following the new investment, Bhatia is confident that he will boost the graphic commercial print business a notch higher.

16 Jun 2017 | By Rahul Kumar

Q: How did you get into the print business?
Sukesh Bhatia (SB): It was 2012, when Bright entered into the print business with the installation of HP Indigo 5500. We specialised in photobook. In those days, we produced 200 albums per day.

Q: And now?
SB: Today we are one of the Delhi-NCR’s leading photo and commercial printers. Bright is associated with some of India’s most respected photographers, studios, companies, multinationals and advertising agencies.

Q: It was a huge step when you decided to deploy the HP Indigo 10000?
SB: In November 2016, Bright installed the HP Indigo 10000. Along with the photobook, our focus has been on garnering business in the graphic art high-end commercial print market. These include posters on different media, catalogues, leaflets, wedding boxes, gift boxes.

Q: And your first major job happened to be a personalisation one?
SB: Yes, it was. And as luck would have it, we secured a print job that required personalisation. We had to print a personalised newspaper for a birthday event. The Indigo 10000 was of tremendous help. It enabled us to deliver the personalised newspaper in quick time.

Q: You already had the HP Indigo 5500, why did you opt for the 10000?
SB: The HP Indigo 5500 is dedicated to photobook, but the Indigo 10000 takes care of our commercial printing business too. The 10000’s B2 size allows us the flexibility to use the press not only for the photobook but graphic commercial print too.

Q: You have continued to invest, getting one notch higher with the two investments so far. Why was the investment necessary, and how has it shaped your company’s progress?
SB: It is imperative for every organisation to envision expansion, once they have achieved a stable spot. Keeping that in mind, these investments became our priority. Installation of HP Indigo 10000 has started reaping good results and we hope that “Bright” has a bright future ahead.

Q: You are also moving into packaging?
SB: Today’s times call for unique and presentable packaging services and we, at Bright, aim to give that extra bit to our clients. We are using light carton board, personalised papers and stationeries.

Q: How do you describe your success?
SB: Statistically, our commercial growth rate has increased by about 20%. However, we are working on introducing new work in the “personalised “ section of our products. We aspire to deliver more than what just meets the eye.

Q: You showcased a range of photo and GCP applications at the HP stand during PrintPack 2017. How was the experience?
SB: It is always an elevated experience to showcase your work. We did a display and demo of our newest collections. The feedback was solid. We got appreciation in the form of potential orders and queries. This demonstrates that the new-gen digitalisation techniques will change the face of the print media.

Q: One print vertical (other than one in which you operate) about which you are bullish?
SB: Photobooks have given us stability and the Indigo 10000 has given us hope. Our exclusivity lies in the fact that we are the sole proprietors of the HP Indigo 10000 in North India. Our competitive edge is the size that the machine prints in, which is unavailable to any other neighbouring media agency.

Q: Your outlook about digital print...
SB: Digital printing is leading towards a greater and better tomorrow. There would be no looking back with the emerging technologies and perspectives in the field.

Q: Now that you are playing the big game where do you see your business in the next few years?
SB: We are aware that we have raised the bar; and increased our scale of operations. We are making a conscious attempt to adapt to the change in a tough marketplace. We expect to deal with a wider clientele and become a household name.