Bowe Systec tows the app store model for its software solutions

Post the recent announcement of partnership between Bowe Systec and Manroland India, Bowe Systec is planning to pentrate the governmental postal services with its inserting and mailroom equiment. Supreeth Sudhakaran talks to Tim Munro, business development manager, Bowe Systec - Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa to understand the strategy of the company focusing the Indian market.

14 Dec 2012 | By Supreeth Sudhakaran

Supreeth Sudhakaran (SS): Müller Martini and Pitney Bowes are one of the few big competitors for Bowe Systec. How far would Manroland India's reach help you in creating a base in India?
Tim Munro (TM): The most important factor in entering a new market is the sales and service support and with a nationwide network like the one Manroland has. With more than six fully-owned sales and service offices and an additional channel partner network in India, we are confident that in Manroland India we have found the right partner. In addition, we also share a common parent in Possehl and  our business philosophy and visions complement each other.  We have a concrete strategy to grow our business in this dynamic market offering good service support to our customers.

(SS): Siemens and Pitney Bowes have been long-standing partners for the government-owned postal department in India, India Post. Does Bowe Systec intend to break into this segment?
(TM): India Post is a key potential area for Bowe Systec and we are planning to enter this segment with our new partners. Our products are high quality solutions for mailrooms with strong focus on integrity, which we feel will be the differentiating factor for us in this market segment.

(SS): HP has been your partner in developing an Envelope Print on Demand (EPOD)-module. What is the future of this market in India?
(TM): Envelope Print on Demand is a new solution from Bowe Systec which offers full-colour printing on envelopes using digital inkjet heads. We noted that most of our customers used blank envelopes for their mailings. Bowe Systec recognised the opportunity for its customers to encourage recipients to open their mail by adding colour logos, messages, special offer information and even addresses. The marketing messages on the envelopes offer added value to companies and can help them increase response rates and maximize the return on their marketing investment.

As India is a fast growing market for direct mail, with more and more companies exploring digital printing as a marketing tool, products such as EPOD offer superior marketing solutions for customers, by enabling customised messages on each envelope and therefore enhancing overall brand experience and response rates. We foresee a good potential for this product in India.

(SS): The personal courier's market is estimated to be worth $1bn in India and it is estimated that the postal and courier sector is expected to grow with a CAGR of 20%. What is Bowe Systec's strategy to tap this market?
(TM): India is a high focus market for Bowe Systec and the most important step was to establish a strong local partner. Together with manroland India, we are now focused on the Indian market with specific products and customized solutions such as the Turbo Black. This product was developed especially for growing markets like India with high-speed inserting requirements. In addition, we have established a strong service strategy for our products with Manroland India, to ensure fast response time and support to our customers in this market.

(SS): Why do you think that Turbo Black is the right product for this market? How does the machine set in with the Indian environment of functioning?
(TM): As the smallest and most efficient system in its class with a performance of up to 26,000 envelopes per hour, Turbo Black is considered to be the ideal entry-level machine in the high-performance segment. Because Turbo Black exclusively processes by assembling after folding, Turbo Black is ideally suited for jobs with low page count. Depending upon the material to be processed, the Turbo Black is available in four standardized configurations.

With a throughput of up to 26,000 envelopes per hour Turbo Black delivers impressive performance on an extremely small footprint. Made of standardised components of the Turbo series, Turbo Black ensures simple handling and cost-efficient processing with comprehensive integrity. In addition, the concept of the Turbo Black allows for an unbeatable purchase price, therefore ideally suited for growing and cost sensitive markets, such as India. The lowest footprint of the machine, 4.2x4.8 m, makes it very attractive for smaller production spaces as well.

(SS): The primary thrust of Bowe Systec in India in the initial years would be on its sorting machines?
(TM): We will focus on two major business segments in India: inserting and self-mailing owing to high growth in the direct mailing segment in India. We have the right products in these business segments with the Turbo Black and our self-mailers. The self-mailers use the revolutionary toner sealing technology as compared to the glue systems currently available with other manufacturers. Using the toner sealing technology, the cost per envelope will be significantly reduced – therefore ensuring a higher return on investment.

(SS): I have heard that Bowe Systec has developed an app-based software platform , where you can purchase a defined set of modules as per your requirement. So instead of buying huge software suites, customers can keep adding on apps by buying them at a later stage. How true is this?
(TM): In this age of smartphones we have become used to easily operable and clearly laid out apps. For exactly that reason Bowe Systec has conceived a solution making the advantages of modern software available in an industrial environment – Orbiter. To an unprecedented degree Orbiter makes all individual programs (apps) easily accessible which are involved in the workflow of the complete mailroom.

Orbiter offers all apps in a market place not restricted to Bowe Systec apps but also containing software made by partner companies, available at the Orbiter Shop. Whatever is needed for the workflow is chosen there and made available for use. Structure and layout of the app icons in the navigation bar can be fully customised. This smart navigation solution allows arrangement in any order or structure making complex things easy and comprehensible. Best of all, Orbiter is free of charge.