Aditya Jain : Digital printing provides flexibility and is the need of the hour

In the Rapid Fire questions series, PrintWeek asks Aditya Jain questions about print and beyond

13 Apr 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

Aditya Jain, director, PrintSmith, Jaipur

What is your idea of a perfect print firm in India?
A perfect print firm is one which has adopted the technology to offer prompt services to its customers.

The current fact file of your press?
We have been in the printing business for the last 75 years. We have an offset division, and recently, we invested in an HP Indigo 15000 seven-colour HD press.

What is the trickiest colour that you have had to print?
We work with a lot of export houses with Pantone requirements. So, matching those colours is a challenge. But we have successfully managed to overcome these challenges in our offset as well as digital presses

What is the quality you seek when you hire?
We look at the candidate’s background, whether he is from the industry or not. However, what’s important for us is whether the candidate is open to learning new things.

When and which print job or project made you the happiest?
One of the first projects in which I have been directly involved.

Describe your day in two sentences.
I look after the production at the factory. Every day, I come to the factory at 10 am and make sure that production goes smoothly.

Which print technology, according to you, is the future? Why?
Digital. It’s because it gives us flexibility. Digital is the need of the hour because right now, short-run print jobs have become much shorter, wherein people want to check out the product before they place a bigger order. So, with the new press that we have, we are at par on the offset side as well as the digital side.

One print blunder you made?
I am still learning. Recently we installed a digital press which can print bigger sheets. I was giving a print command for a job and I did not know there were two apps for the whole sheet. So, I ended up printing four times the quantity we needed.