Demystifying Colour Workshop for Printers - Bangalore

A practical hands-on workshop on colour management and print standardisation with live demonstration and practical colour class

08 Mar 2013 | By Print Week India News Desk

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Date: 10 Mar 2013 - 10 Mar 2013

Venue: TOPTEC Training Centre, KOPA Building, 2nd Main Road


The Hands-on Demystifying Colour  Workshop for Print Service Providers is most suitable and desirable for printers who are looking to upgrade their print set-up in order to serve their print buyer clients and customers with best in quality and service.

The Worksop will help the PSP's to implement standardisation across the print production process and delivery chain.

The Demystifying Colour Workshop would be useful to anyone who needs to precisely Identify, Measure, Quantify and Articulate Colour and endeavours to achieve an optimized colour workflow guided by the practical nuances of colour management and its correct implementation.

The Demystifying Colour  Seminar and Workshops would cover the various stages of print production and highlighting the delicate balance and combination of skill set of manpower coupled by the importance of quality equipment and input material like inks, paper and among other impacting things. The presence and understanding gathered from these events would help the delegates to address critical areas in the print production process, where most of the print challenges are usually generated and encountered in day-to-day printing environment.

t has been seen that even with the most modern infrastructure and equipment, almost all the printers are struggling every day to get the correct colours on the press. The problem lies with the incorrect understanding of how colour is handled at design stage, prepress stage and printing production process.

The Demystifying Colour Seminar and Workshops is planned with the real world situations in mind, wherein we will be discussing various stages of print production and importance of quality raw material and equipment right from handling files, images, colour, correct profiles & space critical colour management throughout the print process, proper colour viewing, quantification and articulation of accurate colour values, rendering intents and getting files ready to print with a universal expectation to match colours with exactness with minimal wastage, top quality and at best possible rates.