Yesgo conducts pre-press and packaging workshop

Packaging pre-press training centre Yesgo conducted a workshop on trends and opportunities in pre-press and packaging on 23 September 2018 in Chennai.

01 Oct 2018 | By Sriraam Selvam

Speaking about the topic of ‘Y you need to learn high-end software in prepress and packaging’ Nizamappas, proprietor of Yesgo said, “We need to keep our skills and abilities alive and kicking by breathing it with new versions, new variants as per the growing needs of the industries. If you are armed with latest skills you will enjoy the status of always in demand and stay ahead in your career.”

“Latest pre-press technology is radically changing the landscape for packaging companies. prepress has become the game changer for a print service provider to deliver the highest level of satisfaction for their customers. Understanding the immediate benefit, pre-press fraternity across the world are fast adopting latest tool to get automated workflow to get cost effect result in lesser time and 100% exact output while also maintaining automated workflows are the simpler and most effective way to protect your work through every step of the process. To keep pace with time we need to go for high-end software,” he added.

Frederick John, sales account manager-south, Esko highlighted the current trends and technologies in pre-press and packaging. He spoke at length about the importance of seven-colour gamut in printing.

“It is an extended gamut adding three additional base inks (orange, green and violet) to the traditional CMYK ink set in order to ‘expand’ the colour gamut of typical process colour printing which caters to every challenges printers and converters faced while incorporating innovative and complex designs into print in shorter span of time,” he explained.

Importance of design in packaging by G Balaji, director, Suba Solutions, Flexo: an insight by S Narayanan, chief executive, Printax, global opportunities in printing and packaging by Rakhi Das, business development manager, Yesgo, How to prepare for the future by KBS Shanmuga Sundaram, senior associate director, Scientific Publishing Services and how text rendering and colour play a vital role in flexo by P Jai Prakash, managing director, VeePee Art Studios were the other topics and speakers of the workshop respectively.