Webinar introduces Sitexco PLUS system to Indian Flexography industry

On 11 November 2021, DKSH and TEG Technologies along with the Print-Packaging team hosted a tech-webinar on print optimisation in flexography. The Girona-based manufacturer also used the opportunity to launch the Sitexco Label solution which will be available early next year for the Indian printing and packaging industry.

15 Nov 2021 | By Charmiane Alexander

According to Suhas Kulkarni, GM Asia Pacific, PPC, DKSH - BU Technology, the Sitexco PLUS System is "the fastest cleaning system in the world and its patented cleaning method ensures a clean that is safe for anilox rolls." Kulkarni mentioned how the system will benefit converters in both the narrow web as well as CI flexo segment. He highlighted the continuous growth, fine print quality, high lineature aniloxes; and how uncleaned anilox cells leads to plugged cells which results in reduction in desired volume transfer, low print densities, etc.

Lluis Guixeras of TEG Technologies said the Sitexco system can clean any ink, coating, varnish or glue chemistry. He highlighted the “One Pass Clean” technology in the system. This means, full control of applied energy density is achieved with a new scanner control, ensuring the best cleaning performance.

Amit Bera of DKSH said, "We have been doing multiple demonstrations every month for interested convertors and receiving a very good response from them about the cleaning performance and end results. Thanks to the support from TEG Technologies and our local partners in India, we should soon have the first installation of the Sitexco Plus system in India."

A company press note said, "The new generation of Sitexco has been successful and recognised by the FTA for Technological Innovation award." The term "Plus" signifies – plus in terms of range, plus in terms of safety of anilox rollers, plus in terms of efficiency and plus in terms of technology.

DKSH along with its partners Popli Graphics for North India and Printers Supply Co. for East India & Bangladesh are ready with their sales and service support to help and provide Sustainable solutions to the Printing and Packaging industry in India and Asia Pacific.

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