Stelda sponsors Packaging Converter of the Year (FMCG) category

By 14 Sep 2022

What does it take to ensure that packaging withstands possible damage and prevents pilferage? This is what Bengaluru-based Stelda is offering with its sustainable packaging solutions.

Pallippuram Sajith: Packaging in India is growing in the double digits

Pallippuram Sajith, group managing director of Impel-Bindwel said, “Packaging in India is growing in the double digits. Yet, we see a lot of opportunities for upgrades. Technology changes take time; however, we have been seeing good traction recently in the food and FMCG space. Themes like pilferage, damages, costs and sustainability are becoming a priority for many Indian brands. Our partnerships with companies like Nordson and Henkel, and our past work have helped in getting our company’s work noticed by all the brands. We offer free trials to them to see the benefits, running their boxes with products and this has helped the migration from tape sealing to Stelda sealing.”

The use of different secondary and tertiary packaging machines at Stelda enable customers to reduce any supply chain losses that they might experience. We asked P Sajith what makes Stelda’s machinery stand out. He said, it is the tamper evidence mechanism, which is a main feature on all the company’s packaging machines. It has been provided by a way of fibre tear and this acts as an excellent deterrent to pilferage.

Sajith said, “Working with different corrugated box suppliers and brands, Stelda has helped them optimise the corrugate consumption in shipper cartons. Many customers have been able to eradicate strapping and shrink wrapping. As a result, this enabled them to reduce the consumption of single use plastics, including BOPP tapes, by more than 50%. 

Apart from these products, Stelda has also developed unique solutions for packaging edible oil cans. It replaces the plastic straps used for tying the corrugated collar with a fully automated system that employs the use of hot melt adhesives. Additionally, the company has also been providing end-of-the-line automation through collation of products, matrix formation, case erection and product filling and sealing to various customers like ITC.

With the PrintWeek awards around the corner, Stelda has been gearing up for the event.

"Stelda is proud to associate with PrintWeek Awards that celebrates the packaging converters. The mono cartons and shippers made by such converters go in tandem with Stelda’s solutions for end-of-the-line packaging. In order to achieve optimal efficiency in lines, it is important that the quality of cartons are good. This is ensured by the packaging converters,” signed off Ayalam Chandrashekar, director of Stelda.

Stelda, an Impel-Bindwel group company, was established by like-minded individuals to manufacture end-of-the-line packaging machines that employ hot melt adhesives systems. With its name standing for security, tamper evidence, low damages in transit, Stelda helped brands to reduce losses that they faced with damages and pilferage in storage and transit. Much of this was being done through the 4S promise that the company upholds – strength, security, sustainability and savings. In fact, many of their customers in the food and FMCG industry have already experienced the 4S promise.

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