PrintPack 2019: Any Graphics, Pragati Pack opt for Hongming rigid box machine

NBG Printographic Machinery, the Indian representative of Guangdong Hongming Intelligent Joint Stock, commonly known as Hongming, announced the sale of its fully automatic rigid box manufacturing machines to Hyderabad-based Pragati Pack and Noida-based Any Graphics.

05 Feb 2019 | By Rahul Kumar

(l-r) Bharti Agarwal of NBG, Yvette Wang of Hongming, Kuldeep Goel and Naveen Goel of Any Graphics, and Nitin Garg of NBG

Nitin Garg of NBG Printographic Machinery said, “We have sold the Hongming HM-ZD350D fully automatic rigid box manufacturing machine to Pragati Pack and Any Graphics. Both the sold machines will be installed at their respective rigid box manufacturing plants in Noida.

This is Pragati’s sixth Hongming machine.

Meanwhile, it is Any Graphics’s first first Chinese fully automatic rigid box manufacturing machine. “We bought the machine because of its double heads, which will create more boxes at the same time, around 32-35 boxes per minute. It also comes with automatic changeover which make changeover quick,” Naveen Goel of Any Graphics said.

He added that the company is adding the capacity and needed the machine to fill the gap. “Right now, we are manufacturing 80,000 complete boxes per day. After adding the machine, we will be producing 120,000 complete boxes per day,” he added.

The HM-ZD350D has adopted Yasakawa PLC and motion control, Yamaha robot spotter and Kowa camera tracing system from Japan for the higher accuracy and easy adjusting. It has adopted two forming sections with automatic size adjustment with the help of servo which increase production. It can manufacture box sizes from 60-350-mm long, 60-250-mm wide and 10-80-mm deep/ high boxes. 

“Production speed of our machine is highest in the industry and due to the high speed, it can produce double the quantity than other such machines, Garg added.

The company has installed more than 20 fully automatic rigid box manufacturing machines in India.