OPA’s annual churning meeting at Barog in Himachal

By 18 Mar 2020

The annual churning meeting of the OPA was held at Hotel Barog Heights, in Barog near Solan in Himachal Pradesh on 15-16 February. About 26 OPA members attended the two-day meeting to discuss and plan the activities of the association.

Speaking about the choice of the venue, a hill station on Kalka–Shimla highway overlooking Dagshai, Kasauli and Solan at footstep, Kamal Chopra, general secretary, OPA, said, “Stress and tension have been linked to numerous ailments, Relaxation has shown to reduce the incidence and severity of stress-related diseases. Keeping these facts in mind and to enjoy the panoramic view of the hills, OPA decided to conduct the churning meeting at Hotel Barog Heights near Kasauli.”

Chopra added that the members were asked to reach the venue before 12 am so that the executive meeting could be started at 3 pm after lunch. The churning meeting was started immediately after the executive meeting at 5 pm. All the members present were supposed to offer their point of view, opinions and comments. It was essential for all the present to say something about his working, problems and/or about printing industry. All such points were discussed in detail on the following day.

The major points of discussion in this meeting were ‘future printing’, ‘slump in the market’, ‘increasing stiff competition’ and requirement of technical training and educative seminars for the knowledge of the printers.

It was agreed by the members that it’s time for working in close cooperation in a cluster at one end and to start purchasing in bulk to save the cost of raw materials. At the same time, it is essential to request the government for providing electricity at subsidised rates and to impose duty on printed goods coming from other countries.



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