CII GreenCo Summit 2019 on 4 and 5 July

As part of the GreenCo rating system, instituted by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), the annual GreenCo Summit, a platform to learn, share and explore new growth opportunities in green businesses space, has been organised to be held at Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi from 3 to 5 July 2019.

03 Jul 2019 | By Dibyajyoti Sarma

The three-day event will feature the CII Environmental Best Practices Award 2019 on 3 July and the two-day international conference GreenCo Summit 2019 on 4 and 5 July.

The CII GreenCo Rating System is evoking excellent response from the stakeholders and in the process encouraging Indian industry set new benchmarks in environmental management.

Today, over 500 companies are working on GreenCo rating and the rating framework is facilitating companies to achieve world class status in environmental sustainability. This includes 225 GreenCo rated companies.

GreenCo rating has facilitated in introducing concepts like greening of supply chain, product stewardship, life cycle assessment, etc.

The first 91 GreenCo-rated companies have achieved annual cumulative savings of Rs 175-crores.

According to the organisers, the main objective of the CII Environmental Best Practices Award 2019 is to recognise and award environmental best projects implemented in the Indian industry.

The CII has received total 140 applications in the form of best projects implemented by various units in Indian industry. Of these, 20 projects have been shortlisted by a Jury. These shortlisted companies are going to present their environmental best practices at this event on 3 July.

Meanwhile, during the two-day international conference GreenCo Summit 2019, thought leaders of Indian industry will share their inspiring green growth trajectories / success stories, etc. The sessions will focus on topics such as renewable energy, water and waste water, life cycle approach, transforming supply chain, experiences of GreenCo-rated companies, and so on.

The summit will have the presence of several CEOs, public and private sector corporate, MNCs, financial institutions, technology and service providers and would attract around 750 delegates.