Adobe’s Pantone changes to kick in this month

By 05 Aug 2022

Adobe has confirmed that Pantone Color Libraries will be phased out from this month from Creative Cloud, although some colour books will remain available.

Pantone Connect: subscription is £42.99 a year per user

The software giant said that the standardised pre-loaded colour libraries in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign would be phased out from 16 August. 

The move was flagged at the end of last year. 

However, three Pantone Color books would remain: Pantone + CMYK coated, Pantone + CMYK uncoated, and Pantone + Metallics Coated. 

The change means that customers will need to buy Pantone Connect licences to access all of the Pantone libraries via a plug-in. 

Adobe said the change had come about because “Pantone’s licensing with Adobe was adjusted”.

Other colour systems: ANPA, DIC, Focoltone, HKS, Toyo and Trumatch will remain available in Adobe Creative Cloud apps.

Adobe also stated that InDesign files with swatches from Pantone Color Books “will function as before when opened or placed in InDesign”, including past or future software releases.

It also said that InDesign files with place-linked Photoshop files that use spot channels would render Grey/Black in InDesign “when colours from Color books are no longer available”.

Previously, pre-media and retouching expert Bill Greenwood had recommended that pre-press departments should back up their Pantone .acb files and presets for future use.


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