10 startups fighting against climate change

By 03 Jun 2022

As we celebrate World Environment on 5 June, we need to take a look back at the innovative solutions brought in by startups who are working towards building a greener ecosystem. As a concept, ClimateTech has evolved drastically, spanning innovations in the transportation, agriculture, building and energy sectors, among new technologies in India. With India setting the goal to reach net-zero emissions by 2070, with interim checkpoints and ranking ninth in the list of top 10 countries for climate technology investment over the past five years, a conducive policy environment nudged by the government has helped bring in tremendous growth and focus on the startups building in this space.

As a concept, ClimateTech has evolved drastically in India

Here is a list of ten climate technology startups that are on a mission to achieve help India achieve its sustainability goals:

Amplepac: This Mumbai based startup is a sustainable packaging and packaging lifecycle management company, innovating to find solutions for plastics in FMCG packaging. It is an Indian startup that makes metal containers for reusable packaging. These containers are also equipped with a blockchain system for better traceability. The metal used completes several life cycles before being recycled. In addition, Amplepac’s blockchain system — India reuse — also provides sterilisation and offers shareable & leasable packaging management technology to support reuse. As a replacement for plastic containers, the startup’s solutions find applications in dairy, hospitality, FMCG, and pharma, among other industries.

Bizlog: The startup is a reverse logistics solution provider, with presence in over 75 locations in India, to enable a sustainable supply chain and help goods travel efficiently, enabling reuse and recycling. It is a versatile reverse logistics organisation. They handle any and all kinds of products across a wide range such as medical equipment, apparels, electronic appliances, technology products, electrical, electronics, footwear, waste management and much more for which they can handle many services. Starting from DOA management to product audits to value added services and returns management depending on the product or industry.

Chara Technologies: Chara Technologies is building a scalable, cloud-controlled, and rare-earth free platform for designing, building, and deploying electric motors for various applications. Chara has built a technology platform to drive the push towards building magnet free motors. Their complex computational models and sophisticated ML based control algorithms help in increasing the performance efficiency of the motor which are also upgradeable and optimisable. They aim towards building transformative technology that will make the prime-mover of the future simpler, smarter, more efficient, and easy-to-build in the long run.

CogniTensor: CogniTensor is a startup that provides an integrated MLOps environment enabling faster development, and deployment to power AI/ML applications in the energy, sustainability and retail/manufacturing sectors. Their platform enables businesses to pre-emptively adapt their key processes to mitigate climate change impact. It is bringing in a monumental shift with the development of a collaborative and horizontal environment that combines version control of data, machine learning models and other aspects that fall under the realm of digitisation.

LivNSense: LivNSense is a pioneering Industrial IoT & AI Platform led venture for process optimisation, real time monitoring and predictive and prescriptive analytics that serves the manufacturing and production industries. Their solution transforms discrete process industries with standard OT/Electronic systems, into a Cognitive Living Equipment, thereby significantly lowering the cost of operations, improving safety and reducing the energy consumption and carbon footprint. 

Oizom: Offering real time accurate air monitoring solutions is the core focus of Oizom. Through cost-effective and highly scalable air-monitoring solutions, Oizom is devoted to democratising air quality data.  Their air quality monitoring software — Oizom terminal — derives actionable insights for authorities, communities, and industries. Their solution is capable of monitoring various critical environmental parameters like air quality, polluting gases, odourful and toxic gases, noise, weather conditions, radiation, etc. Using patented eBreathing technology, Oizom assures the highest accuracy even in extreme environmental conditions. Their data platform helps visualise and analyse the data in the most intuitive way, thereby enabling data-driven decisions.

Taqanal Energy: Taqanal Energy is powering the shift from fossil fuels and internal combustion engines through its Intelligent Energy Storage Management System which integrates the power of embedded intelligence in the battery with cloud applications. It provides proprietary cloud-based solutions to enhance battery life and reduce degradation through real-time management, data collection, and analytics.

The Disposal Company: The Disposal Company is India’s first plastic credit platform dedicated to reducing waste, reviving lives, and restoring our planet’s balance. It helps subsidise the ethical recovery and safe disposal of plastic waste which would otherwise end up in landfills, burned or be flushed into our oceans. It has as built a tech-enabled plastic credit platform to offset plastic consumption to help corporations become environmentally responsible

Updapt CSR: Updapt is a new-age technology driven company providing comprehensive easy-to-use Saas-based ESG solutions to address end-to-end sustainability needs of enterprises and funds. They have developed proprietary algorithms that help reduce manual labour, cost and time for data analysis for ESG metrics and have classified data that makes reporting, analytics and management easier for any organisation. Their solutions enable firms to digitally track, monitor and report their ESG performance data in line with widely accepted sustainability standards. The startup’s platform hosts a lot of features around intelligence, peer benchmarking, GHG accounting, energy conversion, internal control, etc to help firms achieve their ESG goals.

Blobcity: BlobCity specialises in using cutting edge AI and machine learning capabilities to derive intelligence from large datasets. Blobcity’s AI Cloud solution enables data scientists to collectively build and run AI models while seamlessly sharing the GPU infrastructure. This solves the problem of increasing unavailability of GPUs for enterprise-data teams at an affordable rate. It ultimately leads to the reduced usage of GPUs thereby minimising the overall energy consumption. Its products and solutions help businesses to improve their operational efficiency and make faster decisions. BlobCity’s products have been used in several projects in areas of banking and financial services, automobile, renewable energy, import-export, retail, healthcare, safety sciences and more.



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