Yash Dhote: Internal quality assurance should be in place

By 17 Apr 2019

Yash Dhote, a student of DOT Institute of Graphic Communications in Mumbai shares his views with the PrintWeek India team.

The print industry urgently needs new approaches. One suggestion you have about what is needed next?
A new approach that incorporates an internal quality assurance facility, where every person in their respective departments inspect the work being carried out and ensuring to meet the quality standards at each step.

How does this benefit?

If this is in place then you really don’t need a separate quality assurance inspector in order to do the same job which can be done internally.

Is there a limit to the technological “fixes”, should machine manufacturers have a broader approach?
We are moving towards more conserving and eco-friendly ways of working and processing. However, I feel there is still a lot of scopes. With the plastic ban being implemented, we will have many more applications on paper and hence we will need to strengthen the application of the 3Rs (reuse, recycle and reduce). But, to do that we again need other equipment’s and processes, which just adds up to the cost. If the machine manufacturers have a broader approach with some inbuilt systems that will directly convert and process this waste for primary or secondary use, then it will be a benefit for the society as a whole.

Which launch made you go, WOW! – A Packaging related one, a Printing related one or the OOH Launch?
The OOH launch where an Oreo was placed above a digital advertisement at the top of London’s Piccadilly Circus, which reacted in real-time with the earth’s movements around the sun. The presence of mind behind the idea was to inculcate and take full advantage of the rare celestial event of a solar eclipse. This was a unique and refreshing experience.

One major packaging-print blunder you spotted in 2019?
When Honda two-wheelers released their latest advertisement at the beginning of 2019, it said “Happy 2009”. This was because Honda used the combi-brake system back in 2009 while its industry competitors have started using this system after 10 years. This was a jibe by Honda aimed at its competitors. So, in a way, this was an intentional blunder to showcase the technological advancements Honda has over its direct competitors.

A software trick or a tech app everyone in our industry should know about.
VDP (Variable Data Printing) in CorelDraw is scarcely deployed. Most of the people in the industry use Excel for VDP but they aren’t aware of the VDP features available in CorelDraw which, for obvious reasons, is more efficient and in-sync with the entire design process.

A Print or Packaging factory you visited which blew your brain! Why so?
Manipal Technologies. When I first visited MTL in 2016 as a student I was awestruck by the spread of the factory with a sprawling 300,000 square feet set-up. The intelligent and planned floor utilisation is nothing like I have witnessed before. Manipal is a place where finding skilled labour is a challenge, the skills of the operators at MTL are exceptional. Kudos to their training team who have taken this challenge to train the shopfloor team from scratch. MTL ensures every worker has a unique ability and can adapt to technological changes. This concept has led to its growth.

One book about print or packaging that you have read which is a must read according to you?
The Handbook of Print Media Book by Helmut Kipphan. This book is often referred to as the “Bible of Print”. It has all the information related to printing. Right from the basics of print media to any patented technologies that are still under review. Supported by Heidelberg, it has all the images from Heidelberg equipment, and all related information to the in-house processes carried out over there.



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