The pandemic was no deterrent for these Covid soldiers

By 07 Apr 2021

As the country went to lockdown after the pandemic, the industry remained active; some more than others. PrintWeek profiles seven such Covid soldiers who served the industry with dedication as the virus raged on

Anil Maurya
ET-Service Engineer, BHS India

Role in the organisation  
Anil has completed six years of service with the organisation. He is hardworking, workaholic and passionate. His ultimate goal is customer satisfaction and for that he always tries to give more than 100%. He is a great team player who supports his teammates to the fullest.

Why a Covid Warrior
Anil was active in supporting customers from May onwards during the lockdown, travelled extensively across borders and worked day and night to deliver on customer expectations. We all have discussed his incomparable service in employee meeting. He is a Covid Warrior because he took all precautions to avoid the infection, including daily steam, hot water, yoga, and so on.

Lesson learnt
Work is worship and the customer is God. Also, health is wealth and we have to take care of it along with prioritising and organising our work. Anil has taught this to everyone in the company by continuously giving support to the customers while taking care of his health.

Jayant Kumar
Operations Director, Bodhi Professional Solutions

Role in the organisation
Jayant handles the daily operations of the company.

Covid role
Jayant ensured that the team knows about workplace health and safety policies and procedures. He took all precautions reasonable in the circumstances to protect the team and allowed the team to work from home whenever possible.

Why a Covid Warrior
Jayant has been working tirelessly towards the safety of each and every employee at Bodhi-Pro and has gone beyond his call of duty to do his bit. He kept the communication open with everyone and maintained safety for the team by reducing contact with shared surfaces and ensuring that the vicinity is cleaned regularly using physical barriers as a protective way to mitigate risk.

He was ready to listen to the issues of not only the employees but also their families and pulled resources to help all, including the customers.

Lesson learnt
The pandemic has been challenging, and yet, we have to try our best to maintain normalcy and continue to live, work and learn to service our customers. One of the things that has come up during these times is to look at preventive maintenance, which Jayant thinks everyone should look at. Another is to care for each other, as team effort makes it easy to face and overcome the challenges together.  

Jiten Shadija
Director, Shiv Offset India

Covid role  
After the lockdown was announced, the company received special permission from the health ministry, as it was the only manufacturing unit in the state that can provide packaging material for pharma. Jiten took out insurance for all his workers. The company also distributed three lakh vitamin tablets and two lakh face masks to the police department and the Nagar Nigam, beside the workers and their families.

The company also provided food to all its employees and also the labourers in the nearby area who were without jobs during the lockdown period.

Why a Covid Warrior
Jiten worked full-time without leave during the period.

Lesson learnt  
Be safe. Keep savings. Jiten believes that it was wrong on the part of the companies to cut workers’ payment during the lockdown. We all should pay them and if for some reason we cannot pay, we should take it as advance, he says.

Joseph Shelton A
Technical Operations Manager – PP, Konica Minolta India

Role in the organisation
Joseph is responsible for the technical operations of the production printing division of Konica Minolta India.

Covid role
Joseph travelled extensively despite the Covid situation to support the customers. He successfully migrated online technical trainings for the field engineers. He also kept in touch with the field for direct and indirect channel through regular technical meetings. He also helped successfully launch the company’s latest PP product line.

Why a Covid Warrior
Joseph travelled across the country during the pandemic by following strict safety guidelines. He successfully transformed classroom style trainings to online mode. Despite all odds, Joseph demonstrated excellent resilience to support
Konica Minolta customers.

Lesson learnt
Focus is everything.

Managing Director, YesGo

Why a Covid Warrior
When other companies were having layoffs and facing shutdowns, Nizamappas remained unfazed by the pandemic threats and earned a tremendous growth. He successfully made placements of more than 25 people in the industry, and launched My Print Career E-Tabloid, an online employment portal and magazine exclusively for job seekers and employers in print and packaging industry. He also successfully inaugurated YesGo branch offices in Bengaluru and Mumbai.

Lesson learnt
Don’t Fear. Face the challenge with right strategies and be a winner. The right strategies at the right time are keys to success.

Shankar Narayanan
Technical Specialist – South Asia, DuPont Image Solutions

Role in the organisation
Shankar is an equipment engineer, responsible for flexo pre-press equipment installation as well as providing on-site technical support to customers. He works with customers’ operations teams to guide them on pre-press equipment set up, troubleshooting and breakdowns, to name a few.

Covid role
Shankar’s role became even more crucial to support customers for business continuity. Printing was under essential services and customers had to produce packaging at rapid speeds and Shankar supported them to reduce downtime in pre-press operations. He remained active in tech support, including new machine installations and on-ground equipment support. He visited customers to handle critical issues and actively engaged to ensure smooth operations.

Why a Covid Warrior
Shankar’s focus to provide continued technical support (remotely and on-site) to customers even during lockdown was remarkable. He fulfilled his work commitments while following the organisation policy on the pandemic amidst travel and work restrictions by local governments and ensured safety for himself, the customer staff and his family.

Lesson learnt
Have a scheduled maintenance of equipment as a preventive measure, it helps reduce breakdowns. Have some critical spares on site; the cost of breakdown can be much more. Have some level of technical skill on site. It enables communication during remote diagnostics.

Suresh M Nair
Director and Chief Technical Officer, Impel-Welbound Group

Role in the organisation
In addition to being a director in the board, Suresh is the link between the market and manufacturing. He plays a key role in new product development, new application, technology adoption, validation of products, as well as heads the post-market support from factory/manufacturing. He is also the personnel director for manufacturing. Safety, health and environment drives within the group is also spearheaded by him.

Covid role
As the scare of the pandemic was setting in, in March, Suresh connected with the authorities as well as a medical professionals for guidance. During the lockdown, he ensured that workers and families stayed safe, and followed the safety procedures. He initiated various information dissemination programmes during the lockdown to educate the team on what to do during and post-lockdown.

After factories were opened in May, he followed the government norms for a number of persons and physical distancing, including routines health check-up for employees and families. As some had families with old people, a system of safe travel to home was put up. He also initiated regular sanitisation and cleaning up of factories and employee quarters.

Why a Covid Warrior
Suresh’s stringent compliance of the safety norms, sometimes at the cost of irking some of his colleagues who didn’t want to be tied down so much, ensured that none of the 50-plus strong factory employees were affected till date. And their families, too. The same held true for the service engineers from 16 different centres who travelled to customers’ places to set right the machines.

Lesson learnt
Safety pays, be it wearing a safety kit at work, or being prepared to fight a hitherto unknown crisis. His famous quip is, “I wish if we wore helmets along with the mask, when and where needed. We lose a lot of people to motorbike accidents just because he or she did not wear a helmet.”



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