The Gen Z Mantra: Aishwarya Lute

By 12 Nov 2021

Aishwarya Lute is pursuing post graduation diploma in packaging science from Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP). She tells Charmiane Alexander that as interactive print continues to improve, printing can be enhanced by incorporating barcodes, QR codes, augmented reality and virtual reality

Lute: Digital printing helps manufacturers connect with customers

Which scientist or technologist would you want to travel with on a long flight?
I would like to travel with Kevin Mitnick. Mitnick is a technologist, computer security consultant, author and a convicted hacker. I would love to know more about his stories.

Would you rather be like Einstein who is good with numbers, or Shakespeare who is good with words? Why?
I would prefer Shakespeare who is good with words. Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. They have the energy to help, heal, hurt and humble.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve read recently?
Butterflies taste food with their feet. They have taste sensors on their feet and by standing on a leaf, they can taste it and locate food for their caterpillars.

How can digital printing help in boosting creativity and consumer connection through packaging?
Digital printing helps manufacturers connect with their customers directly by allowing short-run print jobs for custom and personalised packaging. They can print a limited amount of personalised or custom packages and then quickly switch to another package design, rather than printing massive amounts of the same design.

Which is your favourite book?
The Return of Sherlock Holmes. The story shows the chemistry between Holmes and Watson. It is a combination of weird mysteries and interesting clients in the wonderful gothic setting of London .

Which is the most innovative packaging that you have come across?
Packaging that turns into a hanger for a shirt. It is convenient and recyclable.



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