Test your Packaging IQ: Bottling acronyms

By 22 Jun 2019

In continuation to Test your Packaging IQ’s previous edition on bottled water, the WhatPackaging? team decides to share a few terms that people associated with the printing and packaging industry should be aware of.

The terms in focus will be in the form of acronyms. Flex your brain muscles and also try to find out the science behind these mentions.

 Q.  What does a CT finish mean?

 A. A CT finish stands for a Continuous Thread finish, which is used in a screw closure — a common type of cap for bottles.

 Q.  What does ROPP stand for?

 A. Roll-on Pilfer Proof, a type of screw cap where the thread is formed by pressure against the container.

 Q.  ESCR means?

 A. Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance (ESCR) is a vital phenomenon to measure the vulnerability of plastic bottles to internal and external stresses.

 Q.  When was CRC introduced?

 A. Child-resistant closure was invented in 1967 by Dr Henri Breault.

 Q.  What is SS in plastic bottle manufacturing?

 A. SS or S/S stands for silkscreen decoration in plastic bottle manufacturing.

(Data Source: Fundamentals of Packaging Technology by IoPP; Encyclopedia of Packaging Technology; Environmental Stress Cracking of Plastics RAPRA by David C; Child-Resistant does not mean Childproof by Michael J Gaunt)




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