Pradeep Shinde: When it comes to quality, even our competitors take our name admirably

By 17 Jun 2020

Printwell International is a commercial and packaging printer from Aurangabad. The firm is into commercial book printing and now it is expanding as a packaging printer as well.

Pradeep Shinde of Printwell International, Aurangabad

Q: How did you stay in touch with your staff during the lockdown?
We have almost 70 people working in our company and we are well-connected through email and phone.

Q: Describe the work your firm does.
We are into commercial and packaging printing.

Q: One top job that built your reputation...
One of the publishers was searching for efficient printers all over India for the printing of a coffee table book named Tiger & I. This job was a big challenge in terms of printing and finishing. This job made us push our boundaries in all directions, which resulted in coming up with a product that was not only satisfying to the customers but also one of the jobs we are extremely proud of as a service provider. Moreover, it aided in boosting our reputation in the market.

Q: One compliment from a customer...
“People committed for quality and service.”

Q: Which territories do you serve?
Mainly in Maharashtra, but also across the country and East African nations.

Q: Which type of markets do you serve?
Corporate companies, food industry, pharma industry, seeds industry, government bodies and other commercial markets.

Q: What equipment do you run?
Four-colour Mitsubishi Diamond 1000 with online Aqua Coater; four-colour Ryobi 924; two-colour Komori Sprint 226P; Orient 4HI 578 cut-off web offset machine; Kodak Trendsetter 800III QV - CTP; Repetto 80 fully automatic carton punching machine; Boxtech Carton folder-gluer; GUK and Horizon automatic folding machines; Horizon BQ-470 4 clamp perfect binding machine; Wellbound six-clamp perfect binder; Perfecta Sypa cutters and three knife cutters; Bopp and Thermal lamination machines; and automatic case making and casing in machine.

Q: The first kit you will invest in 2020/2021...
We will invest in drip-off and UV coating facility.

Q: What’s the USP of your factory operations?
A single-window for any type of printing and packaging, to bring customers’ vision into reality, consistently improving the level of customers satisfaction.
Something out-of-the box that print can do, which could benefit the planet... Coming up with printing that uses 100% wood-free paper. As this will not only benefit our environment and nature but also carry on traditional printing practices.

Q: Your proudest achievement...
When it comes to quality, even our competitors take our name admirably.

Q: Where do you see print in your city in five years’ time?
Commercial printing will shrink, books will have good market in medium and shortrun length, and packaging will have a good future.

Trivia Time

One trivia about Aurangabad’s history...
Once upon a time, Aurangabad was the capital of India — in 1334 under the rule of Muhammad Bin Tughluq.

Shinde’s favourite song during the lockdown...
Marathi song by Arun Date, Ya janmavar ya jagnavar shatda prem karave.




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