Post Script: Madhumita Chakravarty

By 16 Oct 2020

Madhumita Chakravarty, regional marketing and communications manager - India at Bobst believes that one today is worth two tomorrows

Madhumita Chakravarty of Bobst

Describe your day in two sentences?
My regular day starts off early in the morning with five-minute excercises such as surya namaskar before heading to office at 8am. The rest of the day is mostly busy and fruitful - full of new learnings from various tasks, as the print and packaging industry is fairly new to me.

I definitely try to squeeze in time for a walk in the beautiful garden at the Bobst premises daily, without fail.

Motto that you swear by?
“One today is worth two tomorrows” by Benjamin Franklin inspires me to ensure productive days.

An app that has helped you a lot?
Google Lens. While travelling, I used it to translate the text on products and find locations, everything in just one app.

If you are to die and reborn as a printing press, software or ink, what would you choose?
A printing press for sure, as that is what finally gives birth to someone’s creativity, thoughts and vision as a tangible output.

What does a brand mean to you in one catchy sentence?
To me a brand is like an ID card. Would a fizzy, brown beverage been so iconic had it not been for the brand identity of Coca- Cola?

Your thoughts on the future of packaging?
With Covid, there’s a strong movement towards circular economy. It has made the future of printing and packaging dominant and with sustainablity, it has encouraged futuristic thinking and innovation.



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