Niket Pandit: Our industry should lay more emphasis on education

By 17 Apr 2019

Niket Pandit of Pratiroop Mudran in Pune shares his views with the PrintWeek India team.

The print industry urgently needs new approaches. One suggestion you have about what is needed next?
Nowadays, we see that the operators or assistant operators, due to the lack of education, produce a job much slower as compared to skilled professionals. This affects the production cycle and the value chain. I feel a new approach is vital.  Either we hire people with at least six months or one-year print background or educate existing operators.

Is there a limit to the technological “fixes”. Should machine manufacturers have a broader approach?
The industry always requires something new in terms of quality. This helps a company gain profit. Herein I would once again stress on the point that machine manufacturers should have 100% knowledge about technology and how he is manufacturing his product. Much more importantly, the manufacturer should inculcate the knowledge in his entire unit. I feel this is the technological fix which is most necessary.

A packaging launch which made you go, WOW!
Webtech’s label on the saline bottle which provides additional strength while it's hung.

A software trick or a tech app everyone in our industry should know about.
Esko’s ArtiosCAD which helps you design the package. It provides the operator with a view of what the final print or package is going to be.

A print or packaging factory you visited which blew your brain! Why so?
Navi Mumbai-based Acuprint Systems has installed an inline gravure cylinder making unit that facilitates the entire process cylinder engraving. This really enthralled me.

One book about print or packaging which is a must-read according to you?
Handbook of Print Media by Helmut Kipphan and Structural Package Designs Paperback by Pepin Van Roojen



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