Line O Matic Bolt RB104 exercise book making machine

By 05 Apr 2019

Ahmedabad-based Line O Matic was among the highest business making companies at the recently concluded PrintPack India 2019. Sujith Ail investigates

Line O Matic recorded sales of Rs 18-20-crores which comprised of 30 machines. It has been the pioneer in the exercise book manufacturing segment with over 4000 installations worldwide. Nirav Parikh, general manager (marketing), said, “In 2018, we installed 200 machines and exported to more than 60 countries.”

Briefing PrintWeek India about Line O Matic’s star product, Bolt RB104, Parikh said it was launched in 2012. This version of the Bolt is a fully automatic exercise book kit for making staple-pin type exercise notebooks direct from paper reel without any manual intervention.

At PrintPack 2019, Line O Matic launched the upgraded version by the name Bolt RB104 Max. It runs at a speed of 500m/min. The previous version of the machine had a maximum speed of 400m/min.

The Bolt RB104 Max uses a chamber doctor blade system for printing which results in fine and precise printing of the lines in the exercise book.

Bolt RB104 Max has a maximum book converting stroke of 80cycles/min with maximum ups of five-ups. It has a two-colour flexo unit on each side.

The Bolt workflow

Paper is pulled from unwinding reel stand and passed through flexo printing tower of two colour printing on both the side. After that, it’s passed through the cross-cutting unit where the paper is cut as per defined size and overlapped one over another and further to collate it at a defined number of sheets to form counted paper bunch.

The counted paper bunch are passed from a number of inserters to insert the index and cover as per requirement and further passed for wire stitching and folding.

The folded bunch are spine pressed at square-back pressing unit and passed further to front cutting unit to trim the excess paper from book bunch width and take it further to separating cutting unit to cut and trim the book bunch into a defined exercise notebook size.

The exercise notebook will move further to flipping and mixing unit to flip the exercise book to delivered book bunch as per defined pattern.

Ease of use

Parikh said, “The Bolt RB104 is a user-friendly machine in operation, one skilled and one semi-skilled operator can operate the machine and maintain machine well, the complete machine is operated through the touch panel.”


Line O Matic has 54 service engineers catering across India. Apart from on-ground support, Line O Matic also provides services through video conferences. It also provides the customer with operational videos and real-time chat support. For Indian customer, Line O Matic has also introduced a toll-free number.

Other products

Spiro book binding machine, SWM 100 shrink-wrapping machine. Both the machines were launched at the PrintPack India. By bringing in different binding and wrapping solutions, Line O Matic aims to provide complete exercise book manufacturing solutions under one roof.

Spiro B340 book binding machine is capable of performing spiral binding as well as wiro binding. The maximum book size the machine can bound is of 220mm to 330 mm for bound edge and 160mm to 295mm for an unbound edge. It has inline round cornering unit with options of wiro binding and spiral binding at the end of operations.

SWM 100 is a continuous shrink-wrapping machine with a converting speed of 80-cycles/min and has maximum film width capacity of 610-mm.


Exercise notebook manufacturer, printers and publishers, paper converters

Line O Matic installations

Ashok Agencies, Tamil Nadu

Kokuyo Riddhi Paper Products, Maharashtra

Pioneer Stationery, Gujarat

Blossom Paper & Stationery Products, Karnataka

Aavkar Publications, Gujarat

Ranka Paper Converters, Rajasthan

Seema Paper Industries, Chhattisgarh

Aastha Paper Industries, Haryana


(l-r) Nirav Parikh and Swapnil Patel of Line O Matic at PrintPack India 2019 



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