Sappi Magno paper

By 09 May 2013

Harsha Paruchuri, managing director of Pragati Offset, says that the award winning projects printed on Magno have been a part of creating their name and brand value with customers.


What do you use the paper for?
We use Magno papers from Sappi for a wide range of products – from coffee-table books to magazines, brochures, posters, calendars, and leaflets.

Did you look at any other similar product?
No. This paper is easily available and is the most widely used fine art paper in India.
What features do you particularly like?
Consistency and runnability. And also the fact that the paper is made from well managed and controlled sources (i.e. made in an environmentally responsible way).
Is there anything that you dislike?
Nothing in particular.
Is there any particular feature that you wish it had that it doesn’t?
What is the quality like? How reliable is it? How easy is it to use?
We’ve been running this paper for many years now, and the runnability is excellent – and most importantly, the consistency has been great. And this paper conforms to the paper requirements of the ISO 12647-2 for paper types 1 & 2 (also known as ISOCoatedv2 or FOGRA39) (in terms of the LAB values of the paper base defined in the standard). So when one wants to print in conformance to this standard, Magno is a great choice.
How much time or money has it saved?
Can’t really say – but many characteristics of paper (for example: coating uniformity, good adhesion of top coat to the base), or lack thereof, can cause a lot of downtime. In fact I’m sure there’s a lot of potential lost time that has been saved.
Has it won you any new work?
Many of our award-winning projects were printed on this paper, so yes, this paper has played an integral part in Pragati’s creation of a name and brand value among customers. The calendar which won the SAPPI International Printer award in 2008 was printed on Magno paper, with multiple finishing options such as 3-dimensional embossing, foiling with over-printing, gloss,
textured and glitter UV varnishes and new technologies such as holographic UV coatings. All these techniques, show the versatility of the paper which is capable of handling a variety of finishing operations.

Would you say that it offers value for money?
Where there any difficulties experienced during the initial stage of using the paper?
This has been a range of paper that has been in use since many decades and the paper that we started with when the demand for Matte art paper picked up in the late-80’s, early-90s.
What about the pre and after-sale service?
As I said, this is a long-standing and consistent product, and there really haven’t been any issues - Indu Paper has been a good vendor.
Who do you think the paper is right for?
It’s right for anyone printing on art paper – the price, quality and consistency are all great.

User’s verdict
Features   5/5
Quality 5/5
Reliability 5/5
Value for money 5/5




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