The Goss Universal XL

By 14 Aug 2012

This press is intended to help printers cash in on lucrative contract work as it is capable of delivering double-width productivity, says Sachin Shardul


This 70,000 copies per hour (cph) 4X1 version of the Goss Universal 2x1 cylinder format web press was unveiled at Ifra Expo in October 2010. According to Surendra Kulkarni, managing director of S L Kulkarni Cyril Graphics (SLKCG), the Indian representative for Goss International, the Universal was launched in response to a greater need for higher production speeds within the mid-volume newspaper market. Most of these printers fill their press capacity by contract printing for outsourced publishers – the faster they can print, the more contracts they can accept. Contract printing has become more lucrative as run lengths reduce and as modern-day press capabilities allow printers to diversify into a wider range of products.

A web of paper is fed from a reel stand through a unit or a tower of units, printing both sides of the web. Units can be single for mono colour or stacked on top of each other vertically to form a tower. Each unit in the tower prints a single colour on both sides of the web at high speed. The printed web is fed into a folder, which cuts and folds the pages into editions.
The web offset press market continues to be slow and, so far, there have been four shipments of this latest member of the Universal family in Europe amounting to about 65 print units. Across the whole range, 4,900 Goss Universal printing units have been installed since 1991. 
USP of Universal XL
Universal XL meets the dual requirements of single-width agility and high output. Kulkarni says, “It has been enhanced with the same blanket lock-up features used in other high-end Goss commercial web presses, enabling it to maintain the same quality at a faster speed.” 
While Kulkarni acknowledges there are a variety of presses within the newspaper sector that could be recommended to satisfy the production demands of a particular printer, he believes the Universal XL gives customers more options and flexibility.
Other Universal models
As compared to the other Universal 2X1 models, XL is 50% faster. The original Universal 2x1, launched in 1991, ran at 50,000cph. This latest double-width model is available in cut-offs from 530mm to 630mm and web widths from 1,100 - 1,600mm. 
Kulkarni says, “Universal is as well available as a 2x2 single-wide, double-circumference model with 75,000 CPH speed. A double circumference means print signatures can be collected together. The 4x1 format is especially suitable for newspaper printers that produce many different editions quickly but don’t need the capacity of 4x2 or 6x2 presses.”
Fewer web breaks
Goss claims the shaftless design, with one motor per unit, means tension control is better so there are fewer web breaks. The design is also said to make the press easier to operate and allows ‘top-level’ automation features to be incorporated. These include: high-speed web-up; tower phasing; quarterfold blade phasing; and ink and register presetting from CIP4/JDF files. 
Kulkarni says, “Up to 30 jobs can be stored and recalled, and there are separate servers for job preparation, logging, reporting and maintenance, enabling easy data retrieval for all aspects of production.” 
Training and service support 
Kulkarni says, “Goss offers extensive training, both at its own facilities and on-site. Regardless of the age of the press, the manufacturer can also provide interactive ‘flight simulator-type’ software programs to help train new personnel. Should anything go wrong with the press, Goss has “round-the-clock” remote diagnostic support as well as a 24-hour emergency breakdown hotline.” 
The UK parts centre in Preston has 17,000 line items so SLKCG says spares can be supplied quickly and efficiently. Goss can also provide an on-site inventory service for customers to ensure they hold a full stock of essential spares at all times. 
Overall, the press is ideal due to its productivity along with versatility, simplified operation and a lower investment cost.

Maximum speed 70,000cph
Size (cut-offs) 530 or 533;
546, 560, 578 or 600; 620 or 630mm
Max web width upto 1,600mm
Footprint 1.6mWX3.3mD
Weight 55 tones
Contact Surendra Kulkarni
+91 22 40535800 / 26865801


KBA Commander CL
All the printing couples have shaftless, dedicated drives they can be made ready simultaneously saving valuable time.
Maximum speed 75,000, 80,000, or 85,000 cph
Size (cut-off) 450 - 630 mm 
Maximum web width 1,730 mm
Contact The Printers House +91 11 23313071-75 /
KBA Cortina
A total height of just 4m (13ft) means the tower press can be installed in standard industrial buildings.
Maximum speed   90,000 cph
Size (cut-off) 900 - 1,197 mm
Maximum web width 1,680 mm
Contact The Printers House +91 11 23313071-75 / 
KBA commander CT 
Commander CT delivers represents a major advance in ergonomics, cost efficiency, flexibility and quality.  
Maximum speed   90,000 cph
Size (cut-off) 900 - 1,197 mm
Maximum web width 1,200 - 1,680 mm
Contact The Printers House +91 11 23313071-75 / 
Manroland Cromoman 4-1
It caters to both product quality (heatset) and flexibility (variable web widths). 
Maximum speed  75,000 cph
Size (cut-off) 533 mm – 630 mm
Maximum web width upto 1,400 mm
Contact Manroland India +91 11 47002929 /
Manugraph Frontline
Based on modular design, Frontline is an economic model which caters to high circulation newspapers efficiently. 
Maximum speed 60,000 cph
Size (cut-off) 546 mm, 560 mm and 578 mm
Maximum web width 1,150 mm 
Contact Manugraph India +91 22 2287 4815 /
Mitsubishi Diamond Spirit 4-1 
Diamond Spirit 4-1 has narrow gap cylinders which are employed for both plate and blanket cylinders to reduce vibrations. The use of double-diameter blanket cylinders stabilises deflection of single-diameter plate cylinders and contributes to high-quality printing.
Maximum speed 85,000 cph
Size (cut-off) 533mm, 546mm, 560mm, 578mm
Maximum web width 1,220mm to 1,680mm 
Contact Newstech India +91 22 24379266 / 67 /



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