Taco wins Drupa award for 3-D lenticular printing

25 June 2012

Mumbai-based Taco Visions received the Artistic Lenticular Printing Award 2012 at Drupa. The award was collected by Kiran Prayagi of pmIndia

kiranprayagi Kiran Prayagi of pmIndia collecting the award on behalf of Taco Visions

T P Pandey, managing director at Taco Visions, said, “We had not expected it to come to us the big way! An Asian company making news globally is not one hears about too often. We could not go to Drupa due to our production schedule. So the award was collected by Kiran Prayagi who is the well wisher and technical advisor.”

Mahesh Mahadkar, creative art director at Taco Visions, said, “When the nominations were announced, we were confident about getting the award as we knew the jury would look at the technicalities of the job.”

Taco uses Kodak technology to produce 3-D lenticular printing. For this, the lenticular printing firm uses Kodak Trendsetter with Quantum technology which is capable of producing 10 micron printing on Kodak plates.

Vinit Jadhav, principal graphics and R&D at Taco Visions, said, “The Kodak CTP platesetter has a unique built-in feature, variable main scan resolution (VMR) which can produce required dots for lenticular printing. We are one of the rare print firms who has a platesetter with this feature.”

Besides producing this award winning job, Taco has produced several other lenticular printing jobs which include greeting cards, book covers, displays and posters for films. The lenticular printing firm plans to enter into packaging segment targeting cosmetic products.

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