Print celebrates green on Environment Day

05 June 2013

Three newspapers from the Bennett and Coleman group, The Times of India, Mumbai Mirror, The Economic Times has printed and published its 5 June newspaper using "green" newsprint. This is 28 pages of Times of India, 22 pages of ET and 46 tabloid pages of Mumbai Mirror.

img4647 The english dailies of 5 June printed on green newsprint to celebrate Environment Day

Meanwhile Siemens has designed and printed an ad which was inserted along with the 5 June issue of Mint.

The Siemens special ad highlights the biodegradable seed paper which can be planted and nurtured as a tree.

According to Siemens, this is an initiative towards greener tomorrow.

In addition, Nivea, the global skin-and body-care brand has created a print ad that charges cellphones with solar energy for its customers in Brazil.

The ad which appeared in a Brazilian national daily was made with a material that captures solar energy. The ad is capable of turning sun rays into power for cellphones. To charge their devices, customers simply have to attach their cellphones to the ad with a USB power cable and leave the ad in sunlight to charge.

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