Pradip Shroff says India has adopted Rs 1,500-cr of holographic labels

30 May 2012

The Hologram Manufacturers Association of India (HOMAI), a body including manufacturers and suppliers of holographic and Optically Variable Devices (OVD’s), since its inception in 1998, has been encouraging its members to adopt and use technology for effective solution against counterfeiting.

pradipshroff Pradip Shroff, president of HOMAI

According to Pradip Shroff, president of HOMAI, "The industries in India have adopted various methods of holography to avoid counterfeits and minimise the losses through the same."

Liquor is one of the commodities to adopt the use of Holographic Excise Adhesive Label (HEAL). The implementation has extensively helped curb the illicit trade of liquor along with increasing the excise revenue.
Introduced and implemented by the Government of Tamil Nadu in 1999, till date, 17 states in India have adopted and used more than 1500 crore HEAL in 2011 thus avoiding losses by preventing duplication.
Shroff concluded, "the hologram industry has evolved and is developing very fast. The new generation hologram has many new features including digital features. The products now are more authentic, secured and upgraded."
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