Novurania introduces UV Spot and UV NTR 150

05 February 2017

Novurania, the Italy-based blanket manufacturer represented by Aarushi Agencies, has introduced two new UV products. Vishwas Dharm of Aarushi Agencies said the products have been introduced considering the demand and requirement of the Indian packaging industry.

naurania Novurania has introduced two new UV products

The first is UV spot, dedicated to UV coating applications. UV Spot is available in 1.15mm and 1.35mm thickness with a special compound that is more resistant to UV applications.

The second is UV NTR 150, a new UV printing blanket where comprehensive successful trials have already been done at major packaging houses with excellent results. The UV NTR 150 is easy to clean with minimum image retention and embossing, thus giving long life to the blanket.

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