Mudrika Labels: “The PrintWeek Award is a dream come true”

By 20 Dec 2016

In a recent feature in PrintWeek India, we called Mudrika Labels a jewel in India’s label crown, and the company deserves the moniker as the Special Jury Award proves it. For the ‘Colgate 3X Buy 2 Get 1 Free’ label, the client had supplied a challenging artwork to avoid counterfeiting. Mudrika, a first time Award winner, added the lens effect to add to its uniqueness. It was printed on a Gallus ECS 340 which can re-register on pre-embossed lens. It wasn’t surprising to hear about Mudrika

Manish Desai, Mudrika Labels

PrintWeek India (PWI): What does the Special Jury Award in the Label Printer of the Year 2016 category mean to you?
Manish Desai (MD): We have been participating in the PrintWeek India Awards for the past four years without any success. However, this year we invested in new technology and machinery and have been able to produce superior quality labels. This has been recognised by PrintWeek India in the form of a Special Jury Award which is an honour for us. To describe in the simplest manner, it has been a dream come true for our company.

PWI: What's the one thing about Mudrika Labels that very few people know?
MD: At Mudrika we have always been at the forefront when it comes to technology, growth and innovation. This has been possible through investment in infrastructure and machinery, and the advanced printing technology with which it can offer on-time delivery and services that its customers require. Plus taking the route of honing its services through differentiation, Mudrika will perhaps become only the second label printer in the world to achieve the Fresnel lens effect by printing on a pre-registered holographic film on a flexo press.

PWI: What advice would you give to a firm that wants to become like Mudrika Labels?
MD: Don't try to be a jack of all trades, but focus on becoming a master of one.

PWI: What's the best compliment you've ever received from a customer?
MD: One of the compliments I remember would be:"Once we give any task to Mudrika, however difficult it is, they are capable of achieving it despite the amount of time, energy and money they have to spend on it."


PWI: One thing our industry can do to cater to the new opportunities and the new market sectors?
MD: One should focus on strengthening infrastructure with machines from time to time. Experimentations and innovations play a key role too. It is with the different innovative jobs that help our customers grow and with them we too grow.

PWI: What's keeping you busy at Mudrika Labels these days?
MD: Even today, many companies are importing special kind of labels. We at Mudrika are constantly focusing on developing these products in India, in order to provide cost benefits to our customers and eventually exporting them too.



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