Industry pays tributes to Arvind Premji Dhanani

20 September 2017

A managing committee member of BMPA, having served as honorary treasurer to both BMPA and AIFMP, and the managing director of Sigma Printers, Arvind Premji Dhanani passed away on 30 January 2017. A self-taught business person, veteran printer, and a BMPA member for a long time, Arvind bhai, as he was popularly known in the industry, had a unique identity of being the go-to tax consultant for many young members of the industry.

arvind-dhanani Arvind Premji Dhanani

“l was introduced to him about two years ago; we may have interacted just three-four times. But with just that kind of an interaction, Arvindji spoke to me at the last annual general meeting of BMPA,” Shripad Kulkarni remembered him. “We were seated far from each other. He walked up to me; sat next to me. And for a few minutes he suggested me a range of dailies and magazines to keep myself updated about the tax and business related knowledge, especially for the print industry.”

“He was a big-hearted person indeed. He was a good father at home, that goes without saying, but he had become a father-figure in the industry. That makes me proud of him,” Rohit, Arvind Dhanani’s son said. “He never bribed his way to get the orders, get tax concessions, or get the work from our team members. In fact, unlike many of our industry colleagues, he never ran his business 24/17. We don’t have night shift in our company. The logic behind no night shift is simple: don’t sell sleep to earn money.”

Dhanani joined his father’s business at the age of 13, and climbed his way up beginning with a letterpress. He, along with his brothers made V-Print a large packaging company, until the business saw a sharp decline between 1986 and 1992. Subsequent, he built Sigma again. “He emerged stronger after each difficult situation,” Rohit Dhanani said

A man with an uncompromising attitude towards life, a charming smile, willingness to extend support to fellow industry members, but above all, Arvindji will be remembered as a simple, loving, and truly a grounded person by his family, friends and colleagues.

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