Six Guy Gecht guru-mantras for becoming a Jedi in the print business

By 22 Jan 2016

EFI CEO Guy Gecht’s keynote address at Connect 2016 was about six pieces of advice for the print CEOs around the world. Reflecting on his 16 years at the helm, Gecht reveals these guru-mantras as Guy-lines of becoming a Jedi in the business of printing. And he does it in the Star Wars style.

Guy Gecht’s keynote address at Connect 2016
1. Bet on the changes in the market forces to accelerate
In next ten years, self-driving cars will change the world. The pace of change is accelerating even in our industry. So, it’s not about adopting the change, it’s about anticipating the change and acting beforehand to stay first.
2. When facing a stronger force, use Judo strategy
The forces getting stronger are getting stronger, the weaker ones, weaker. A strong force may seem overwhelming but you can use judo strategy to manipulate these forces yourself. Don't resist a stronger force (online, cloud, internet-of-things), leverage it; don't be the last to buy analogue.
3. Short run leads to long profits
Next generation doesn’t like to consume generic product. Personalisation is the key. Let go volumes, short runs, personalised jobs promise higher profits in shorter time. 
4. Look beyond paper
It's not about pages; it's about surfaces. Think beyond horizons, create newer markets. With digital technologies and advanced capabilities, a spectrum of applications is endless. 
5. Don’t touch what you can automate
Let people think, let software automate. Let human make decisions and machine do the work.
6. Remember, not placing a bet is giving in to the darker side
You must be willing to take a risk. Doing nothing is a guarantee that you will be unsuccessful.



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