GMG unveils ColorMaster 2.0

By 23 Mar 2013

GMG has launched ColorMaster 2.0 which offers a process-neutral workflow and flexible format for image data storage and is suitable for customers who create data from a wide variety of media and printing processes. ColorMaster 2.0 supplies predefined settings and optimised profiles for target color spaces.


ColorMaster is a virtual color space that covers all common printing gamuts which can be used as a preview profile for Photoshop or soft proofing applications. It offers the traditional benefits of an RGB file format workflow like consistency of separations for press and grey balance, and total ink coverage.

When an image is uploaded it automatically does colour separation depending on the type of printing process like offset, gravure etc. The software helps user to preview the image on different media which can be used for printing and colour corrections can be carried accordingly.

ColorMaster has an option where in photographer or pre media company user can convert images to ColorMaster CMYK mode which is bigger gamut. If the image goes to any printing process their in house pre-press can convert to required color space from the bigger color master to their required gamut with no or minimal color shifts and thereby maintain color reproduction closest to original colors.

Afsal Kottal, business director, percept print solutions, said “ColorMaster is targeted at people who obtain images in RGB format like photographers etc and helps to obtain quality images.”

Kottal further added that, “This software makes life easy for people who require same image quality after printing on different kind of media.” ColorMaster workflow concept relies on the interlinking of GMG ColorServer for color conversions, GMG ColorProof for the output of hard proofs, and GMG ProofControl for proof verification according to print standards.

Germany-based GMG is a developer and supplier of high-end color management software solutions. More than 11,000 systems are in use among customers around the globe. GMG is represented by branches and authorised dealers the world over.



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