DB Corp installs five QIPC-EAE systems in one year

06 September 2017

Over the last year, DB Corp has placed no fewer than five different orders with QI Press Controls - Engineering Automation Electronics (QIPC-EAE). Various printing presses in Aurangabad, Bhopal (two orders), Noida and Shivdaspura have been fitted out with systems from QIPC-EAE, the Dutch specialist in measurement and control equipment. “We’re delighted with the technical support from QIPC-EAE,” was the resounding verdict. “And we’re already looking forward to intensifying our partnership in the future.”

db-corp-printing-presses-1 A printing presses at DB Corp production facility

DB Corp and QIPC-EAE have been working together since 2008. A number of the former’s printing presses have been fitted with QIPC-EAE systems. “Our presses operate extremely efficiently with QIPC-EAE automation systems,” said RD Bhatnagar, chief technology officer at DB Corp. He explained why his company is so satisfied with the collaboration and the reason behind its decision to have several other presses equipped with QIPC-EAE systems. “Not only do the systems reduce waste in the start-up, our newspaper editions can be printed much more quickly and with improved and consistent quality.”

At the start of the year, DB Corp ordered a mRD-3D system for colour register on its Manugraph M360 press in Shivdaspura. The order consisted of 16 cameras, installed to bring about savings in paper and to raise quality. The same system was ordered for two similar presses in Bhopal, where the mRC-3D system was made up of 14 cameras.

Likewise, in Noida, an mRC-3D system for colour register, this time including 12 cameras, was ordered for the plant’s Prakash Newsline 36 press.

Finally, in Aurangabad, an order for 12 mRC-3D cameras for colour register was placed for its Manugraph M360 press. All the systems mentioned are fitted with optional Automatic Ink Mist Shields (AIMS) for cleaning the lenses.

DB Corp has the same objectives in mind for all its sites, according to Dinesh Sharma, vice-president of production. “Our aim is to bring about time savings in the colour register process. We also want to print more accurately as well as minimise the amount of waste.” More importantly however, is the fact that we can deliver enhanced quality thanks to the QIPC-EAE systems, which give us vastly improved reliability.”

The partnership between DB Corp and QIPC-EAE was already intense and, thanks to these five orders, will only be strengthened. “Not only are we satisfied by the systems themselves, we highly value the technical support and service,” concluded Bhatnagar.

QIPC-EAE works hard at keeping its partners happy. “Our partnership shares common goals,” said Vijay Pandya, managing director, QIPC-EAE India. “We’re absolutely delighted that DB Corp can now achieve its business objectives of better quality and efficiency more easily thanks to our solutions and the local support we offer.”

QI Press Controls develops and delivers innovative, high quality optical measure and control systems.

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