Cosmo offers high-barrier metallised film

25 February 2015

With barrier properties becoming increasingly important for packaged food products, flexible players in the space seem to be gearing up for innovation. In this context, Cosmo Films, known for its specialty films, offers multiple barrier products.


One such product is a high-barrier metallised BOPP film. The film, generally used as part of a duplex/triplex laminate structure with OPP/PET/PE, offers good lamination bond. The end-pack can be used for all food/personal care applications where moisture barrier is of utmost importance. The film also offers optimum gas barrier properties.

Established in 1981, Cosmo Films is one of the global leaders and manufacturers of BOPP films. It is the largest exporters of BOPP films from India and largest manufacturer of thermal lamination films in the world. The films make their way into flexible packaging, labels and lamination industry.

Along with barrier properties, the high-barrier metallised film has good heat seal strength for pouching applications. The film can be used for cold sealing as well. Available in 12/15/18 microns, the film’s metallisation offers superior anchorage with the film. The treated metallised surface may be used for printing.

“We are also working on a coated product with drastically enhanced gas barrier properties,” said Pankaj Poddar, CEO, Cosmo Films.

Technical features
Excellent MVTR (< 0.25 g/m2/day)
Moderate OTR (< 40 cc/m2/day)
Good heat seal strength (400 - 500 g/25 mm)
Good lamination bond with PE (> 1.5N/25mm)
Corona treatment on both sides

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