Avinashilingam University to host conference on ‘Environment Friendly Printing and Packaging’ Techniques

20 March 2017

The department of printing technology in Coimbatore’s Avinashilingam University will conduct a national conference ‘Environment Friendly Printing and Packaging Techniques’ on 6th April 2017.

untitled-3 Avinashilingam University, Coimbatore

According to the organisers, the conference aims at bringing out the wide range of go-green techniques and approaches used in the industries and work done by research centers and academic institutions on the topic.

The conference is expected to include events like paper presentation, poster presentation and technical talk from industry experts on a range of topics related to the theme of the conference. The topics are green printing, environment friendly inks, recycled paper substrates, biodegradable packages, re-usable printing chemicals, green techniques for the press room, lean management and eco-friendliness, reducing carbon footprint in paper mills, green-house effect and printing units, re-use of press waste and standards and certification for green environment in Printing & packaging industries.

The conference is also to host a students’ exhibition where 3D printed models, recycled paper products, augmented reality demos, dye sublimation printing etc., are to be displayed.

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