'Our mythology says paper is Goddess Lakshmi and Saraswathi'

By 17 Oct 2016

Nimesh Vora of Srinivas Papers is headquartered in Mumbai. In the industry for 27 years, "the journey has been eventful - working with print convertors closely has always been a constant positive learning." A team of 75, serves the A to size Z who consist of paper traders, printer and packaging convertors, book binding and publishing companies, advertising companies and corporate business houses in the territories of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Goa.

Nimesh Vora of Srinivas Papers

The paper turnaround in 2016
I attribute steady dollar, steady pulp pricing and good demand for uncoated wood-free paper as the three reasons for the turnaround.

Paper challenge
To remain in tune with the growth by being more organised and manage the large size of business is the biggest challenge. Also, readiness to face competition from international organised merchants setting up offices in India is another challenge.

Key paper projects
TNPL needs to be watched as they have never had any experience of manufacturing and marketing packaging board. Their style of functioning and approach would be very different as compared to other paper board mills.

Pain areas for a trader
The stock lots and competition among the printers is a big concern. Cheaper, non-standard substrates, non-compliant substrates would bring the tables down and the real growth in terms of quality and value addition will remain a challenge. Long credit periods look good only for sales numbers but actually they eat away bottomlines very silently.

Paper tigers in their comfort zone
I feel each of them needs to be always remain away from comfort zone and keep working smarter as required. There are always innovations possible. Each one of us are as good as our last quarter!

Message for printers
Reduce their credit offering to their customers. Follow the ‘blue ocean strategy’. Constantly thrive on upgradation and value addition. Keep suppliers on toes to improve offerings which are green compliant, properly certified and matching international standards.

Popularising paper
We advertise significantly at our levels. Our every email speaks of using paper; I personally always seek annual reports from companies, printed statements from banks, utility companies etc. We always try and promote the technically correct usage of packaging too.

Srinivas Paper represents ITC PSPD for most of the grades. Srinivas also represents other producers of specialty papers, durable and security papers, pre-gummed papers. Apart from ITC, Srinivas represents international companies for inks, coatings and adhesives.



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