Volume X Issue 11

Volume X Issue 11

Articles in this issue

In the Rapid Fire series, PrintWeek India asks eleven questions about print and beyond to Sindhu Nair of Sujilee Color Printers, Kollam, Kerala

Anayath is a Vice Chancellor at DCRUST who previously was the director of the Technological Institute of Textile & Sciences, Bhiwani, has held various...

Me & My - Ipv ProofCheck
By Priya Raju, 22 Mar 2018

Vasai’s Saroj Art Printers has been achieving a zero-defect leaflet output thanks to the Ipv ProofCheck, unravels Priya Raju in a conversation with th...

Komori’s India representative Insight has confirmed the installation of three Komori presses, one each at Codialbail Press in Mangalore, Bengaluru-bas...

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