Lokavangmaya Gruha: A Print Oasis in Mumbai

10 June 2017

Lokavangmaya Gruha with its global, multilingual book collection and book production is a rare oasis in Mumbai. It combines the bohemian spirit of second-hand bookstores. Plus it demonstrates the clout of Marathi literature and its dazzling array of thinkers.

PrintWeek India spends a Saturday at the printing press on the ground floor of Bhupesh Gupta Bhavan and the bookstore on the second floor. It is a flashback to 1476, the year William Caxton established England’s first printing press and published Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.

A special tribute to the printed book.

  • The Hall of Fame on the second floor of the Bhupesh Gupta Bhawan in Prabhadevi
  • The bookstore boasts of the works of thinkers, poets and ideologues - and their collections
  • Overlooking the Leningrad Chowk in Prabhadevi - The DTP team works on a book project
  • Typesetting and design for a special edition of Namdeo Dhasaal's poems
  • Raosaheb Kasbe is a major thinker and prominent voice on Dalit and adivasi issues. His autobiography Jhott and Ambedkar Aani Marx are his two notable works
  • The printing press at Lokavangmaya Gruha produces 35 to 45 titles per annum
  • The print runs are carefully calibrated between 500 to 1000 copies
  • TechNova plates provide the perfect impression for good literature
  • Besides books, Lokavangmaya Gruha also produces weeklies and bulletins
  • In spite of being a small-sized op; Lokavangmaya Gruha has a well-organised flowchart and proper systems
  • An anthology of poetics being sewn into shape
  • Russian and Hindi books which are translated into Marathi are printed and sold at a subsidised rate
  • The book being formed; a story being shaped ...
  • Charul Joshi oversees the production of books
  • A tiny team divided into cutting and print, plus folding and binding
  • At the bookstore - Judge a man by his books he reads and the questions he asks
  • Poets and littérateurs like Bhalchandra Nemade congregate for discussions and confabulations
  • New Lok
    Govind Pansare’s Shivaji Kon Hota? has sold more than three lakh copies
  • New Lok
    Celebrating the writing of Dr BR Ambedkar who once said, "I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved"
  • New Lok
    Important and easy-to-read publications on environmental and developmental concerns
  • New Lok
    A look a the city through the work of India's finest modernist painters, Sudhir Patwardhan
  • New Lok
    Jottings by Vasant Dahake: poet, playwright, short story writer, artist, and critic from Amaravati district in Maharashtra
  • New Lok
    Arjun Dangle, born in Mumbai in 1945, is an important name in the Marathi literature over and above being a founder member of the Dalit Panther
  • New Lok
    Aai Samjun Ghetana is the autobiography of Ambedkarite Marathi writer Uttam Kamble. The eleventh edition of the book was published in December 2010. In this Kamble tries to rediscover his mother from memory. It was written when Kamble was 55 years old
  • New Lok
    A superb short story collection by the noted theatre critic and playwright Jayant Pawar
  • New Lok
    The printmaker from Dombivali and JJ School of Arts alumni, Deepak Ghare's well-reasearch book that examines art forms in the 20th century
  • Charul Joshi says I have always wanted to spend time with books. Work at Lok Vangmay Gruh has become the place to which I come back every morning to spend time with these precious books


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