Private View: Spice Drop

13 April 2018

Spice Drop is a water-soluble spice extract in liquid form. It's unique drop-shaped carton cannot be missed on a supermarket shelf. Marico's Soma Roy and Kellogg's Manjeet Sahu analyse Spice Drop's packaging from consumer point of view


Soma Roy, Associate manager - packaging quality, Marico 
The unique drop-shaped carton effectively communicates that one drop is sufficient to spice up my food.

The graphics are subtle and create a distinct connect between the product and the consumer. As spice oil is rich in acidic content, selection of glass as a primary packaging material is appropriate and hence a shelf life of 24 months can be achieved.

The drawback of such a pack is that the transportation cost will be higher due to 50% empty space inside the carton and the arrangement in the corrugated box will consume higher space.

In my opinion, the pack is designed with passion to indicate premium-ness and shall attract consumers for its concept and experience.



Manjeet Sahu, Senior associate director - R&D packaging, Kellogg India 
This is an intelligently designed pack.

I love the rustic look and simple colour scheme. The primary packaging in the form of a glass bottle gives the desired premium look.

Even with the odd shape of the outer carton, the pack will have better loading arrangement in the case when positioned zig-zag, thereby saving cost. The inside of the leaflet is informative showing the equivalent quantity of one drop of the extract and other available variants.

The folded leaflet also forms a shape of the drop thus enhancing the product connect. The cap surface could have had better grip for easy opening.

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