Test your Packaging IQ - II

By 10 Nov 2018

India comes in the top ten bottled water consuming countries in the world. Mineral bottled water in India under the name Bisleri was first introduced in the city of Mumbai. But have you ever wondered from where did the name Bisleri originate from?

The Bisleri Company was started by Signor Felice Bisleri who first brought the idea of selling bottled water in India in the year 1965. The Bisleri mineral water was sold to India's Parle in 1969.

If you are serious about making money in packaging, please take this simple quiz and reveal to yourself how much you really know about the roots of packaging and the current market scenarios.


 Q.   Big Bazaar is the parent chain of Food Bazaar, Fashion at Big Bazaar (fbb), while it is sister chain of retail outlets like Brand Factory, Home Town, Central, eZone and many more. It is one of the oldest and largest hypermarkets chain in India, housing about 250 plus stores in over 120 cities and towns across the country.
In which year and the city was its first hypermarket retail outlet opened?

 A.  Big Bazaar’s journey began in October 2001, when the young, first-generation entrepreneur Kishore Biyani opened the country’s first hypermarket retail outlet in Kolkata. In the same month, two more stores were added one each in Hyderabad and Mumbai, thus starting on a successful chapter of organised retailing in India.

 Q.   This year has been all about the circular economy, recycling and sustainability? So, can you guess what Collins dictionary’s word of the year 2018 is?
 A.  ‘Single-use’, a term that describes items whose unchecked proliferation are blamed for damaging the environment and affecting the food chain, has been named Collins’ Word of the Year 2018. Single-use refers to products – often plastic – that are ‘made to be used once only’ before disposal.
Images of plastic in the most distant oceans, such as straws, bottles and bags have led to a global campaign to reduce their use.

 Q.   Jindal Films is a major player in the development and manufacture of speciality biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films and has production plants in India, Europe and in the United States. While Jindal Films products are deployed in various end-use applications, its main market segments are flexible packaging and labeling.
Which was Jindal Films last acquisition?

 A.  Divesting its BOPP films business, the Italian investor M&C, owner of Treofan Holdings sold its controlling stake in Treofan Europe to Jindal Films. The legally binding agreement was signed on 6 August 2018 and the transaction is expected to be closed before the end of the first quarter of 2019, subject to regulatory approval and closure procedures.

 Q.   Paper containers for milk are now so common. You see companies such as TetraPak having revolutionised milk packaging, but have you ever wondered who invented the first milk carton?
 A.  The inventor of the milk carton was G W Maxwell. However, it was in 1915 that John Van Wormer of Toledo, Ohio, was granted the first patent for the first "paper bottle," which was the first folded blank box for holding milk.
It took some time for the idea of milk cartons to kick-off as most Americans used to consume milk in bottles. But time and a steady increase in the cost of glass worked in Van Wormer’s favour. Soon many other companies were making their own paper milk cartons, and by 1950, Van Wormer’s company was producing them at the rate of 20,000,000 a day.

 Q.   Which was the first company to use the carton package and for what product?
 A.  The history of the carton goes as far back as 1879 in a Brooklyn, New York, the factory operated by Robert Gair. A die-ruled, cut and scored paperboard into a single impression of a folded carton. By 1896, the National Biscuit Company was the first to use cartons to package crackers.



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