Top picks: Uflex ELS Standard SPL-1300

The Uflex electronic line shaft printing (ELS) machines deliver high output with superior quality and minimal inputs

12 Dec 2020 | By WhatPackaging? Team

ELS Standard SPL-1300

The machine with the self-shaft chucking principle was launched one and- a-half-year ago.

There are a couple of dozen installations for the electronic line shaft machines, whereas on shelf-shaft chucking principle, the fifth installation by the end of December 2020.

Uflex started making rotogravure machines in the 1980s and since the inception shelf-shaft chucking has been its strength. Though it has made machines on shafted platform, the added advantages of shelf-shaft chucking made it to think about launching this model — ELS Standard SPL- 1300. This machine was conceived to deliver high-speed accurate output at an elevated speed of up to 400-mpm, along with registration accuracy, quick job changeover, excellent trolley mechanism, motorised dampers, inlet exhausts on drives, splicing at a full speed – some of the unmatched features making it a favourable product of the customers and pushing them for repeat orders.

Machines get popular only once it starts giving desirable deliverances, and in the ELS printing machines segment, deliverance means high output with superior quality and minimal inputs. Uflex enjoys benefits of in-house converting experience and it knows the pinch and has been able to optimise the inputs such as power and heat to the optimum utilisation so as to deliver the end product with minimum inputs and minimal waste.

Rotogravure printing has undergone step by step upgradation over the last decade. The era of chemically etched cylinders is over. Due to several reasons, including the ever-increasing population and changing requirements in the food, pharmaceuticals and personal hygiene sector, the demand for flexible laminates is increasing, and so is the need to upgrade on account of speed and automation. In other words, step by step, there have been upgradation in cylinders from chemically etched cylinders to engraved and finally towards robotic/ceramic cylinders.

Furthermore, upgradation has also been in the field of perfecting registration control and achieving minimal waste with highest outputs.