Top picks: Hsing Wei Machine Industry

With over 20 successful projects in India, the Japanese joint venture has strengthened its foothold in the country.

12 Dec 2020 | By WhatPackaging? Team

The ELS model is fully automatic system equipped with pre-register settings


Over 20 successful projects in India.

The ELS model is an electronic shaft gravure line fitted with a shaftless printing cylinder system. Its flexibility of configuration makes it suitable for addressing a wide range of applications. The auto register control system integrated with the electronic shaft system of the press is remarkable for its ability to reduce material waste to a minimum. To further improve performance at makeready and changeover, the ELS model is fully automatic with a pre-register setting system.

It’s a Japanese joint venture and it offers less wastage. Also, Hsing Wei Machinery customises machines to fit customer needs. The company believes that only customised machines will be able to handle specialised projects and find a suitable solution.