CII Certificate for Ganeshkumar of DQS

Bengaluru-based Ganeshkumar V who is the product manager for print and packaging in DQS has been certified as a CII-certified Sustainability Assessor from 2020 to 2022.

09 Jan 2021 | By Charmiane Alexander

Ganeshkumar: My mantra is to ensure that my generation saves the planet from climate change

The CII-certified Sustainability Assessor programme is for professionals to provide services to business in the area of sustainability.  Since 2006, CESD (CII-ITC Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development) has built a talent pool of sustainability professionals in India. It has created an exclusive club of over 513 sustainability performance assessors. These assessors are competent to drive excellence in sustainability in companies.

Ganeshkumar said, "I am delighted about this certification. It is my job to use the knowledge and inputs shared during this program, that I can act as a climate activist and communicate it to the print and packaging industry in the most simple and effective way. My mantra is to ensure that my generation saves the planet from climate change."

When asked by WhatPackaging? as to what are the tangible benefits of the program, Ganeshkumar shared that sustainability programs are demanded by major brands in their supply chain. This includes the print and packaging industry.  He said, "A well-defined sustainability action plan will not only save the environment, but also drive growth, create new markets and new business alternatives, plus reduce costs and risks."

WhatPackaging? readers will remember that DQS with its global expertise had launched sustainable printing and packaging guidelines, audits and certifications in India two years ago. DQS India aims to support print and brand owners by introducing global recognised best sustainability practices in India with DQS SPP services.