Aerolam invests Rs 100 crores to set up manufacturing plant

Ahmedabad-based insulation specialist and packaging film manufacturer Aerolam has invested Rs 100 crores to set up a manufacturing plant in the city.

12 Sep 2020 | By WhatPackaging? Team

The new plant will be dedicated to manufacture bubble guards and CPP films

Brijesh Patel, MD, Aerolam, said, "Bubble guards can help companies reduce the transportation packaging cost by almost 60-70% across industries. We are confident that our innovative approach will change the way products are being transported."

According to the company, the new plant will be dedicated to manufacturing innovative bubble guards and cast polypropylene films (CPP) among other products. Bubble guards find its applications in a range of sectors that include packaging, construction, automobile and printing, while CPP has its applications in food and pharmaceutical packaging.

The Aerolam Group of companies has diversified its business interests in real estate, construction, education and manufacturing of packaging and plastic films. Headquartered in Ahmedabad, the company runs two plants in Bavla and one in Kheda, Gujarat.  

The insulation specialist boasts its manufacturing prowess in reflective insulation material, expanded crosslinked polyethylene foam, FIBC, PP woven bags, PP bubble guard board and CPP films.

Source: PTI