Xerox 1000 colour press

The press uses environmentally friendly dry ink, which delivers sharp, rich, digitally mastered image quality to enhance the efficiency and productivity on the widest ranges of media, says Sachin Shardul

19 Sep 2011 | By Sachin Shardul

Launched at PrintPack 2011, the Xerox colour 1000 press delivers sharp, rich, digitally mastered image quality, can print up to 100 A4 pages per minute on a maximum sheet size of 330x488mm. It can handle stocks ranging from 55-350gsm.

The manufacturer has pitched the models at the production of applications including photo albums, flyers, newsletters, brochures and variable data documents. Xerox has also added an in-line perfect binder to the machine’s range of finishing options, which enables users to produce full-colour bound books using the press.

Pankaj Kalra, head for graphic communication business at Xerox India, says: "The press offers its end users the wide range of applications with equally wide in-built and optional features."

Dry ink technology
The Xerox patented ‘low melt’ emulsion aggregation (EA) dry ink technology uses no fuser oil, which enables smooth offset like finish to all the applications. Chemically grown, its small, consistent particles produce great quality with less EA dry ink for smooth transitions.

The unique properties of EA dry ink are also environmentally friendly. The advanced Xerox colour management technology with closed loop process controls enables vivid and consistent colour rendition.

Kalra says: "Utilising the new fusing technology, Xerox 1000 press is capable of producing wider colour gamut that result in producing vibrant images that command and hold attention."

Routine tasks such as colour calibration and profiling become simple and quick for the operators.
In addition to these colour management tools, it also has the facility of image-to-media alignment. This allows the operator to automatically adjust for front-to-back registration, perpendicularity, skew and magnification. The feature enables to create and store custom paper and alignment profiles for paper stocks to ensure proper alignment.

The 1000 is designed to expand the printing capabilities and to enhance the efficiency and productivity. The optional clear dry ink station available in the Xerox 1000 for example, allows to apply spot or flood creative effects that bring prints to life.

Kalra says: "Xerox colour 1000 press prints at 2,400 x 2,400 dpi for excellent sharpness and uniformity. It delivers outstanding midtones, crisp text, pure neutrals, detailed shadows and bright highlights, and excellent photo rendering, for speciality photo applications. The press maintains the colour consistency, from page-to-page and job-to-job."

Advanced profiling
The operator can achieve accurate colours with the advanced profiling capabilities. The advanced profiling feature automatically creates a superior, custom ICC-compliant destination profile for the specific applications. By mapping RGB and CMYK source images to a desired output standard – like a press or industry standard

Image-to-media alignment
The user can quickly set up the best image-to-paper (front-to-back) registration for your media, save it to the paper profile and use it again and again. With the optional features, the operator initiates the automated image-to-media alignment.

The press will run test prints and perform automatic adjustments for paper alignment inconsistencies such as registration (position), perpendicularity, skew and magnification.

Customer speak
Bengaluru-based press Futura Digital installed the first Xerox Colour 1000 press in South India. The press installed at its K R Road facility in Bengaluru, has already helped boost sales by 40%.

"As compared to the 85,000 jobs we did in a month, we did over 1,20,000 jobs in a month and are targeting 2,00,000 jobs in the next few months," says K N Shivakumar, the partner and director, Futura Digital.

Speed 10,00ppm
Paper weight Resolution 2,400X2,400 dpi
Max duty cycle 1.75 m
Workflow Xerox CX Print server
Contact Xerox India, Pankaj Kalra
             +91 124 39400400 /

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