Vijuk MV-11 Outsert System

The new MV-11 Outsert System from Vijuk, is 23% more productive than the previous models in producing outsert leaflets for pharma firms with more copy space for FDA compliance, says Sachin Shardul

22 Jun 2011 | By Sachin Shardul

Founded in 1967, Vijuk Equipment is a distributor and manufacturer of finishing equipment for the graphic arts industry, especially for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and small-item packaging industries. It is headquartered in a 2,400 sq/m facility located in Elmhurst, IL, a Chicago suburb.

Vijuk provides innovative solutions in miniature insert and outsert leaflet folding equipment for the packaging industry. The firm is a prominent source of cost-effective, reliable bindery equipment backed by excellent technical support and spare parts delivery.

Vijuk’s outsert systems debuted in 1981. Since their debut, there have been approximately 700 installations worldwide, which include over 40 installations of outserts and inserts in India.

Joe Vijuk, president and CEO of Vijuk Equipment, says: "We started installing our patented outsert systems in India in 2004. Many customers are finding that our outsert systems are the best solution for supplying required information to consumers worldwide, and also the least expensive when all factors involved are considered."

Vijuk’s patent process
Since 1981, Vijuk has introduced a number of developments in finishing equipment and outsert folding, securing over 30 patents worldwide. Vijuk patents are on both, folding methods and apparatus.

All Vijuk outsert customers are licensed to produce RTA outserts. The license is required, because Vijuk diligently pursues patent infringements. Due to the specialised and patented nature of the business and privacy rights, Vijuk does not release the names of it's customers.

RTA outserts, clearly defined by Vijuk patents, are commonly closed with glue; however, all means of closure are protected by Vijuk patents. Customers may affix outserts to the outside of product containers with a dab of fugitive glue, permitting them to eliminate cartons and save on packaging costs and labour. An insert, by contrast, is placed loosely inside a folding carton with the product.

Patented machines
Among its many patented machines, the Vijuk MV-97 RTA (right-turn-angle) outsert attachment is well-known for folding ribbon and RTA (cross-folded) outserts and inserts for pharmaceutical applications.

Vijuk’s patented machines also included the MV-2001 and MV-2005 outsert systems, which enabled the pharmaceutical companies to be in compliance with the 2006 FDA rulings. To further improve production efficiency and compact machine design, the MV-08 and MV-09 outsert systems were developed.

Luis Campos, vice president of sales at Vijuk Equipment, says: "Research and development of new products is a continuous process for us, as we follow new trends and developments in the outsert and insert markets."

New development
The new Vijuk MV-11 outsert system, with a choice of three models, was launched recently. The MV-11 Triple Knife System folds outserts up to 238-panels – which is 40% more than the previous models, allowing much more copy space for FDA compliance.

The MV-11 double-knife system can fold outserts up to 170 panels and the MV-11 single-knife system can fold outserts up to 110-panels. All MV-11 systems fold down to 29x29mm, producing outserts 15% thinner than previous models.

The MV-11 was designed as a modular outsert system to provide maximum flexibility and efficiency, in accordance with customer needs. Single- and double-knife systems can be upgraded by the addition of knife units. The systems can be configured as required by the job.

Campos says, "The MV-11 outsert system is far superior to previous models due to its ability to produce outserts with greater copy space. The reduced overall thickness of the outserts allows faster production and easier handling on packaging lines, while reducing outsert production costs."

Efficient machine
The Vijuk MV-11 outsert system is PLC controlled and equipped with a modem for off-site diagnostic analysis. An added feature on the MV-11 outsert system is the electronic jam detecting system.

The system has intelligent, self-teaching jam detection. Sensors throughout the system record the timing of sheet passage. If the sheet does not arrive at a sensor point in the proper time, the operation preceding that point will shut down to prevent further jamming and thus, minimize downtime.

Vijuk MV-11 with Guk FA 53
With the Guk FA 53 folder (manufactured by Guk, Griesser & Kunzmann of Germany), as primary folder, the setup and operation are easy with zero-makeready plates and quick caliper-set rollers. Standard features include a new double-sheet ejection device, feeder setup recall, and intelligent jam detection.

The folding plates in the Station I and Station II on the Guk folders are designed with narrow ribs and spacing to facilitate pharmaceutical/miniature folding. The FA 53 has an independently controlled, variable speed transfer unit to transport the paper from Station I to Station II, ensuring accurate paper registration.

The continuous load R6 round pile feeder, which is standard on the system, feeds sheets up to 1,016mm in length. The long and difficult-to-feed sheets are transferred to the register table by the top suction wheel.
Vijuk provides equipment consultation for new as well as existing clients for their post-press requirements. In addition, Vijuk offers custom engineering for specialty applications.

The Vijuk RTA outsert systems are the ultimate solution for informational leaflets as required by the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and packaging industries. With its many features, the new Vijuk MV-11 outsert system will definitely change the packaging world.

Beginning size (width x height) Guk FA 53
Maximum sheet size 527 mm x 1,016 mm
Minimum sheet size  204 mm x 204 mm
Finished leaflet (width x height)
Minimum size  29 mm x 29 mm
Maximum size 152 mm x 76 mm
Maximum number of panels
 12 plate Station I—182
 14 plates Station I —210
 16 plates Station I —238

Maximum cycle speed 14,000 cycles per hour

Contact  Vijuk
             Luis Campos, vice president of sales
            +630 530 2203 or


Guk FA 43
Guk is a pocket folding machine. It is available with 4-12 folding pockets per station with flat pile feeder.
Maximum format Station I
FA 43/4                            43 cm x 85 cm
FA 43/6                      41 cm x 85 cm
FA 43/8 up to 43/12     43 cm x 85 cm

Max. format Station II
FA43/4                       43 cm x 50 cm
FA43/6                       41 cm x 50 cm
FA 43/8 up to 43/12     43 cm x 50 cm
Smallest fold                15 mm
Output                        130 m/min up to approx. 40,000 sheets/hour
Contact                       Welbound Worldwide
                                  +91 22 2859 6960 /