Superfold P GV – PF 1215

An ideal solution for pharmaceutical packaging applications, the automatic paper-folding kit from Pratham Technologies is capable of handling 40gsm Bible paper, says Rushikesh Aravkar

27 Nov 2012 | By Rushikesh Aravkar

Launched in 2011, Pune-based Pratham Technologies’ Superfold PGV–PF 1215 is an automatic paper-folding machine is specially designed to cater to the applications which require thin paper of 40gsm of to be folded to fit in a small-sized pack.

Anant Salvi, manager-marketing, printing division, Pratham Technologies, says, “The export packages especially in pharma industry are provided with large format paper leaflets known as inserts or outserts, which use Bible paper so that the leaflets fit into a small sized pack. We are the only manufacturer in Asia to build a machine for this particular application.”
An ISO 9001:2008 certified company, Pratham Technologies, which is engaged in manufacturing of paper converting, print finishing, packaging, and inspection systems for past 20 years, has notched up more than 3,000 installations of folding machines worldwide. These include installations in Middle East, Africa, India, Sri Lanka, and Europe.
The Superfold PGVPF series includes machines for four and six fold requirements with a width of 15-inch and 18-inch.
Features: 12 parallel folds
The versatile 12 parallel folds machine offers different types of parallel folds by combination of 12 folding pockets and 11 deflectors, which include single, double or triple folds, with different styles such as accordion fold, U-fold, double parallel fold, uneven folds etc.
The machine can handle coated as well as uncoated paper stock as thin as 40gsm Bible paper to 170gsm. The very low thickness of Bible paper makes it difficult to be fed into the machine. This is because it requires precise suction air pressure settings in the infeed section. 
Salvi says, “The flat pile feeder driven by a suction feed system makes the folder suitable for short-run jobs and frequently changing format. Also, it saves on the cost of one operator.”
The PGVPF-1215 is equipped with a back separator sucker with variable height adjustment for different types of paper stock. The back sheet separator facility speeds up the feeding process and thereby enhances the productivity of the machine to 23,000 A4 sheets of 60gsm per hour for a single fold. Salvi, says, “Papers such as Bible paper or coated papers have a tendency to stick together when piled up. The double sheet detector is provided to avoid infeed of more than one sheet.”
The machine has calliper setting and jogging mode which simplifies the cumbersome task of setting a new job. Also, the belt drive, which is coupled with thick end plates, ensures noise reduction and smooth functioning of machine. 
Salvi says, “Integrating the cross fold machine with this parallel fold machine the folding thickness can be elevated up to 4.5mm. In previous models it was limited to 1.8mm.”
The machine is provided with a display which indicates the information of the on-going job such as number of folded sheets; batch count, total production etc.
Inline inspection system
The machine can be integrated with vision based Super Inspect, the inspection system from Pratham, for inline inspection of papers, which is capable of reading pharmacode, barcode, 2D code, pattern match etc. “This equipment enables easy tracking of wrong paper and avoid mixing of papers or blank. It can generate detailed reports of the jobs as per customer requirement,” says Salvi.
The system can be incorporated with Pratham’s machines as well as folding machines and carton pasting machines from other manufacturers.
Launched in September 2012, the inspection system has already been installed at Mumbai-based  Colortec Industries; Saroj Art Printers and Rich Offset.

Maximum Format 350mm x 650mm
Minimum Format  150mm x 290mm
Minimum Folding 18mm ( Final folding size)
Output  23,000 sheets per hour ( A4 / 60gsm single fold)
Paper Grammage 40gsm to 170gsm
Maximum Pile Height 20-inch
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