Product of the Month: Baldwin Litho Spray Cobra

Targeted at the single-width newspaper presses, the spray dampening system derives Baldwin’s expertise to provide high quality print, reduced wastage and a quicker ROI, reports Rushikesh Aravkar

13 Feb 2013 | By Rushikesh Aravkar

Baldwin, with a vast experience in manufacturing spray dampening systems, has delivered over 50,000 spray bars worldwide. Baldwin is a technology leader in  spray dampening and has strong partnerships with major OEM’s globally.

With this background, the company introduced the Litho Spray Cobra spray dampening system into the Indian market in 2009 and to that effect have installe more than 1,200 bars. This includes Indian manufactured web presses such as Manugraph, Ronald, Prakash etc.

For the beginning Baldwin has been manufacturing these spray dampening systems at its Gurgaon facility with an idea to target the Indian manufactured newspaper presses especially the single width market.

Samir Bandhu Gupta, general manager, Baldwin India, says, “It is aimed at any newspaper printers who are running single width presses and want to have higher print quality, in combination with reduced wastage.”  

Baldwin’s spray dampening systems are standard or standard options on major international press manufacturers. Additionally the system can be retrofitted on to any newspaper press.

Gupta says, “The first test installation happened at Dainik Jagran’s Noida facility. We had a single tower there running for six months on a Manugraph Cityline.” Today, leading newspaper groups like Deccan Chronicle, ABPL, Daily Thanthi, The Printers Mysore, Rajasthan Patrika and DNA are using Baldwin spray dampening on their Goss, KBA, Wifag and Seiken presses for many years. “Many of the top newspapers in India
are using Baldwin’s spray dampening systems,” states Gupta.

Precise control
Baldwin Litho spray Cobra is a spray dampening system, which provides a finite control over the dampening system on the press. “Having a precise control over the dampening system leverages sharper prints, drastically reduced start-up wastage, reduced consumption of ink and fountain solution,” explains Gupta.

He adds, “Printers around the world require high print quality, minimal downtime and high productivity. To meet these demands top performance from all aspects of the printing press are crucial, particularly dampening. Litho spray gives the printers total control over the dampening process.”

Spray dampening is a contact-less system as opposed to brush systems and hence it requires less maintenance and also lower power consumption. “The uniform and precise application of fountain solution to the cylinders plays a key role in both quality and economy. Its essential that the dampening system be both reliable , easy to operate and highly effective,” says Gupta.

Explaining the design, “The systems unique valve and nozzle design ensure that fountain solution is applied in precisely the right amount and exactly where it is required, both across and around the cylinder,” adds Gupta. The system spray so uniformly because the nozzles provide an absolutely even distribution of fountain.

According to Gupta, Baldwin’s Cobra system can help printers earn a quick ROI. “A fully automated press would find a faster ROI than a press which has less options,” says Gupta.

Valves: Heart of the system
The on press system of litho spray Cobra comprises spray bars with nozzles and valves, a refrigerated circulating water level system and electronic controls.

A 15 inch touch and flat screen is provided with central control, which enables the user to control each valve individually in the press. The circulating system supplies fountain solution at the correct temperature and pressure to the spray bars.

The high speed valve is the heart of the system which delivers exactly the right amount of fountain solution at exactly the right time. In addition to precision and capability a dampening system must be able to withstand the rigors of a printing environment. To help ensure that the valves will remain dependable over the years its seals are made of a special rubber compound, U59. “The development of valves is different from manufacturer to manufacturer. Baldwin has spent many years of R&D to build a valve that is dependable and precise. The seals of this valve are very reliable,” adds Gupta

The system is integrated with the press and gets press speed signals as input. The operator has to set water curves accordingly. “We control the water and the signals to the spray bars. As the press speed increases or decreases our spray dampening system matches it,” remarks Gupta.

Constant C technology
In India, Baldwin offers its unique patented Constant C technology as standard. This protects the nozzles from clogging. The nozzles tend to clog during use because of dirt, ink mist and other debris. Constant C prevents degradation in print quality from clogging and allows Litho spray to run much longer without maintenance.

“Baldwin’s Constant C technology has proved to be highly effective at keeping the nozzles on the spray dampening system clear. The Constant C technology reduces
 the problem of blocked nozzles on spray dampening systems by providing an air curtain around the nozzle, which forces ink mist and debris away,” adds Gupta.

With this feature nozzles perform at the same high quality level, ensuring a consistently even spray pattern. Gupta says, “Significant savings in paper, ink, fountain solution, electricity and maintenance all add up to justify installing Baldwin spray dampening on a new press or retrofitting on an existing press. Baldwin’s industry leading valve and nozzle technology coupled with the anti-clogging Constant C and U59 – ensure smooth and safe production with substantial savings.”


Number of Nozzles: Four nozzles for a single width press

Water pressure: 3.5 bar
Control: Centralised computer control (15inch flat and touch screen)
Samir Bandhu Gupta
Baldwin India
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The technology of the modular deltaspray helps printers achieve consistent printing quality and high process stability. Individual activation of each spray nozzle and automatic shutters allow great flexibility of the system configuration and give full control over the spray patterns and dampening – independent of paper widths.

Number of nozzles: Four nozzles for a single-width press
Water pressure: 3.5 bar
Control:Centralised computer control
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