Naph Graphics' Koncept

With more than 50 towers installed worldwide, Koncept boasts of  shorter web path through the machine, thereby reducing wastage and achieving precise web tension, finds Rahul Kumar.

10 Oct 2013 | By Rahul Kumar

Two decades ago, Naph Graphics first set its foot on the Indian print industry and since then it has been producing web offset presses, specially designed for printing newspapers and periodicals for medium run lengths. It was at PrintPack India 2009 that the Noida-based company unveiled its Koncept web offset press, which the company claims is an "innovative product" based on sturdy tower to print both sides in four-colour with the reel stand underneath the press.
 Mohit Bansal, assistant director marketing at Naph Graphics, says, "The product is well suited for the customers who look for space saving, wastage reduction, quantitative production output and efficient operations."
 Since its launch, the company has installed more than 50 Koncept towers worldwide, of which 40 are supplied in India. Koncept’s key users are Dainik Jagran, Sanmarg, Kerela Kaumudi and host of book publishers.
 Offering a maximum speed of 35,000 copies per hour, Koncept’s all eight plate cylinder’s circumferential and side registers are adjustable. “This makes attaining colour registration quick and reduces print wastage. It is an ergonomically designed machine. The cylinders run on bearers for better dot transfer and precise impression settings,” adds Bansal.
 “When it comes to savings,” Bansal says, “Wastage reduction and space savings are the two key factors on which our customers save their costs. The web path in Koncept is shorter than usual and hence it reduces wastages. Also, the machine has been designed in such a manner that along with the space saving underneath reel stand the height of the machine still remains 4.42m (14.5 feets).”
 Some of the key features of the machine include staggered blanket cylinders for optimum colour registration stability. Also, the blanket cylinders have hardened eccentrics with housing eliminating the wear and tear of main frames. It employs swing down ink fountain system and brush mist dampening system. The gears are enclosed in chamber with continuous oil circulation.
 Naph Graphics is a strong team of qualified engineers with industry experience of over 20 years. The company can build printing presses to meet the precise requirements of the customers. The offerings include web offset printing presses, exclusively designed for printing newspapers and periodicals for medium sized editions. Naph Graphics also offers attachments to suit existing presses of any make. A wide range of already built machines is a confirmation to this. "Naph is always in hunt for customers satisfaction and to achieve perfection," says Bansal.
Naph machines are well designed and proven web offset presses and web offset printing presses for printing news papers and periodicals for printers who are currently producing medium sized editions.
 Naph Graphics has installed printing presses all over the sub-continent and have been meeting the best of requirements for the customers. "The company has been in position to fulfil all aspirations of web offset printers in India and overseas," says Bansal. 
Customer testimonial
Dushyant Parekh, director, NAP Printers, says, “We have installed four web offset printing presses from Naph Graphics for our book printing plant." 
Kolkata-based NAP's first about a single machine, which was followed by two more and then another one. "We have ordered one more machine with a cut-off size of 578 mm."
Parekh is also all praise for the company's pre- and after-sale service. "The best part of the company is its after-sale service and their on-and-off-the-spot training. Their trainers never leave us until or unless our operators are fully satisfied."
Parekh further states that the height and size of the pringing press were two reasons, why he decided to opt for it. "It's has saved on real estate cost, whichis really a pain nowadays." 
Now we are converting around 3000 ton of paper per annum on these machines. And return on investment (ROI) takes two to three years.  
 NAP Printers has all the printing technologies under one roof except digital and web offset. They have a separate plant for web operations.