Muller Martini Acoro A 5

Minoo Davar of Spenta Multimedia feels that Muller Martini Acoro A 5 with a speed of 5,000cph is invaluable for post-press jobs needing urgent delivery

09 May 2013 | By PrintWeek India

What does the machine do? 
It is a perfect-binding machine. It is a Muller Martini Acoro A5 automated bindery with 5,000 cycles per hour. It consists of a 20-clamp binder, a 12-station gatherer and an online 3-knife trimmer with a 90 metre conveyor belt. There is also an eject gate from which callipers reject a collected block, if there are more or less signatures, without stopping the machine. It is a totally made-to-order machine.  The highest quantity we produce is 2,00,000 copies (with 11 forms) of a monthly Chartered Accountants magazine for the Institute of Chartered Accountants in India (ICAI). 

Why did you choose this particular machine? 
The crux of our business is timely delivery. It takes more time to print, and thus we need shorter period for binding. This machine can give you that. It’s average output is 3,500 to 4,000 copies per hour, so we get close to 84,000 to 90,000 copies everyday. 
Did you look at any similar machines? 
We looked at similar machines: a Kolbus, a Ratio Binder and a Wohlenberg. There may be more machines, but these machines need to be represented in India. Nobody in his right mind will buy something that cannot be supported during and after warranty. Your selection is narrowed down.
What features do you particularly like? 
Its flat square back and its minimum 1.66 mm spine   
Is there anything that you dislike? 
Its system of fingers (using the gatherer conveyor): That system of technology could be improved where fingers wouldn’t break regularly.   
How reliable is it? 
It is very reliable. At the price and technology these machines come, they should be reliable, or the manufacturer will be out of the market. 
How easy is it to use? 
Very easy. It has a touch screen command, a very simple menu, which is very easy to understand, and you learn the process very fast. Repeat jobs are very easy to recall. It is possible to continue a job with earlier settings. The machine can go to those parameters itself, and you start the job. Because of this I break long runs and do short runs.   
How much time or money has it saved? 
Only time. It can be cost effective with webs only. It has only saved money when it is run with the web. Also note that just because you have an expensive product you cannot be expensive to your clients. 
Has it won you any new work? 
Not so. But we have the confidence to get more work in the future because we can produce. Our quantities will increase, and we can pitch for more magazines/jobs.  
Were there any difficulties during or after the installation? 
Some teething problems are always there. In this case, the process was very well coordinated, and when we work together in proper understanding with the manufacturer it is a very simple exercise.
What about the pre and after-sale service? 
The manufacturer knew what to tell us, but we thought a lot about the right questions to ask. The after-sale service was excellent. When you have committed to someone on such a scale that is a given. Initially, every month-end an engineer would be in our facility to look after the machine. The commitment is there, and it is mutual. We work together, grow together and live together. n

User’s verdict
Speed 5/5
Quality 5/5
Reliability 5/5
Value for money 4/5