Me & My: Shree Refrigerations Ecochill

Atul Kumar of Amar Ujala Publications says the chilling system from Shree Refrigerations is suitable for a newspaper production house like Amar Ujala, which employs India-made web offset presses.

25 Nov 2015 | By Rahul Kumar

Describe your company...
Founded in 1948, Amar Ujala is the face of Amar Ujala Publications. Besides this, the newspaper publication house has a tabloid daily, Compact, and more than 120 titles of educational books and competitive magazines. Right now, we have more than 120 editions of Amar Ujala from 18 printing centres. Other than newspapers, the company has also expanded to commercial print production. The 2013 Indian Readership Survey reported that, with 5.510 million, it had the twelfth largest daily readership among newspapers in India.
What does the equipment do?
The chilling system maintains the required temperature during printing. The ideal temperature is 14 degrees celsius. We use the chilling systems from Shree Refrigerations at all our printing centres and the number is 18.
What were your reasons to choose the equipment?
There are two main reasons to choose the chilling system from Shree. It is the most economical chilling system and it is a perfect fit for the Orient web offset machines that we use in our facilities. There is collaboration between The Printers House (TPH), the manufacturer of the Orient presses, and Shree Refrigerations.
Did you look at any other similar systems?
Yes. We studied others brands, but did not find anything within the price range.
What features do you particularly like?
The chilling system contains two major components – temperature controller and pressure to supply water (includes other chemicals) to all points. We like the supply pump best. We also like that the system is cost-effective.
Why did you make the purchase?
Being a TPH consumer, it was an obvious choice. We also found it to be a value-for-money product.
Is there anything in the system that you dislike?
Availability of spare parts for the systems is not up to the mark. The manufacturer needs to work on it. We would like the company to provide services like services printing presses’ manufactures’ offer.
What’s the quality like?
The main function of a chilling system to maintain the temperature during the print production which is 14 degree celsius and this chilling system constantly provide it. So we can say it is an appropriate system for us.
Is there anything that you wish it had that it doesn’t?
Not actually. Now, they have added auto-doser as well, which add fountain solution automatically whenever the PH and conductivity change during printing.
How reliable is it?
It is reliable enough to meet our production demand. We are using their chilling systems in all our printing centres so there is no doubt about reliability. During the peak production time, we run the machine at its full speed and we never faced any failure of the chilling system.
Who do you think the system is right for?
For those who wants to maintain the temperature moderate during print production. It reduces print waste, thus it saves both our time and money.
Under what circumstances would you buy another?
Whenever we will buy new machines, or when our existing systems are defunct.
User’s verdict
Speed                   4/5
Quality                 4/5
Reliability            4/5
Value for money  4/5

Supplier’s Response
Abhijit Saoji of Shree Refrigerations says, “It’s a great achievement for us that Amar Ujala is using our chilling systems in all its 18 printing centres. The publication house is on expansion mode, so you may hear more chilling systems sale from us. If a newspaper publication house like Amar Ujala uses our system in all its printing centres, it shows the reliability and confidence they have in our system.”

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